Rainbowholic Cafe Packaging Design by Papercraft Artist Richenna King

Hello everyone! Just wanna share some awesomeness on the blog today! : )

Last year, one of my college / AdCreate friends, Rich, surprised me with a packaging design for Rainbowholic Cafe (www.rainbowholic-cafe.com)!

She created this Rainbowholic Cafe “Take-out” box using ChiChi / Little Miss Paintbrush‘s art from scratch!

Click here to view the entire project on behance.

“Rainbowholic is a brand that celebrates the Kawaii Japanese culture. The takeout box should capture the brand’s lightheartedness and everything Kawaii.

Draft sketches on the box’s look, considering internal configurations for products such as French macarons, cupcakes, cakes, and drinks. “

The packaging will include food holders that can be folded to accommodate different combinates such as: 
2 drinks, 2 cupcakes/macarons
4 cupcakes/macarons
4 drinks, or
1 whole cake
The box measurements with acetate window done on Sketchup

Designing the takeout box based on Chichi Romero (Little Miss Paintbrush’s) artworks for the brand:

Two designs with the same specifications, varyiing in the acetate window position

Finished packaging designs, both designs featuring slits to position the brand’s business card.

Kawaii Rainbowholic Cake House

Because Rich is a creative genius, she also came up with this brilliant idea of an origami-inspired box.


Designing and plotting measurements on SketchUp.

Draft mock up with rainbow color.

Back pattern before assembly with Rainbowholic Cafe’s logo.

Assembled packaging, closed by inserting the corners into the oval slits.

 View from bottom.

Click here to view the project on behance.

I love introducing and sharing new / fresh / independent creative talents… and Rich is one of those. I have a huge feeling that this girl’s work / craft will reach many, many shores!

Thank you soooo much Rich for making these for Rainbowholic Cafe! I feel very honored! 🙂

Also, if you love Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, I think that you will be blown away by her dancing groot papercraft project. 3 words: I can’t even.


I guess that would be all for now! I’m still drafting the blog entry about the last day of 2014, and the first day of 2015. Haha!

Love, Kaila

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