The New Rainbowholic Shop!

Just a quick update on Rainbowholic blog~

I just figured I haven’t blogged about my recently relaunched (and still under construction) website at !  :blank:

This website took me almost two weeks to finish! Had to insert this while doing work duties & meetings. But nevertheless, after sleepless nights, I’ve done it!! Yay!

Because everyone loved the platform sneakers I was offering on my shop, I decided to sponsor two pairs of platform sneakers!

Make sure to join, alright? ^^v

Rainbowholic Service

I’ve gotten comments about how some of the stuff I’ve been offering are “too pricey” or you can get it cheap here, etc, etc.  Honestly, owning a mini shop is like being an artist. How much you price the stuff you sell also reflects how your brand image / name want to appear to everyone. As for the handmade stuff I create that I also sell, I don’t magically finish one item in 5 minutes. It takes passion, inspiration and money (for the materials).. and time to do it. This is why I love Japan, people support the stuff you create without being rude and telling that “you can get this somewhere else cheaper” / “it’s just a bow”, etcetera. Everyone is welcome to buy wherever they feel comfortable but I think that respect for people who are striving to become creative entrepreneurs should be given and not forgotten. It’s plain simple, if you don’t have anything nice to say.. the best is to keep it to yourself. : )

Sure, you can get the similar shirt from somewhere else but is the service the same? Do you feel the same kind of happiness when it arrives to your doorstep? I don’t think so. I’m also a frequent online shopper so I know how it feels to be a customer. I didn’t dive into something just to make money out of it. It’s more of practicing how to give 100% service to clients and making them feel that what they paid for was properly compensated with the quality service a shop owner gives…. and as for the issues with EMS shipping, yup it does cost a LOT but if you don’t want to get your package lost & can’t be tracked, you really need to shell out some money.

Sigh…  I don’t even know if this risky venture of mine will skyrocket or fail in the future, but I am doing the best of my abilities now. 頑張ります!

Anyway, enough of my musings.. :nod: . here are just a preview of how I do service to my clients.  :yay:

You don’t just receive a pair of shoes.


I make sure you will be overjoyed to open a box full of presents from Japan!


By the way, here’s a lovely review of my Shopping Service by one of my first clients, Jess-san~ Please take some time to read it! ^^v



6 thoughts on “The New Rainbowholic Shop!

  1. I make bows too (fabrics bows) and I know how you feel, Ate. ;____; I make simple bows lang so parang paano pa kaya yung awesome bows mo? :C Imagine all the pricked fingers!!!! 😥

    So much respect to you, your blog, and your shop! :heart:

  2. I feel for you sweetie! Remember our chika during dinner last week? Someone even made me an entire online thread whining about prices. *sigh*

    A part of me always think may be that’s why some society don’t prosper because of their lack of “standards in life” I don’t mean to be sounding so snobby… But as the life saying goes~ “You get what you give…” People who haggle prices and always finding cheap stuff would get cheap stuff indeed.

    Don’t sorry sweetie… As long as you do what you love, it’ll be all worth it!

  3. I understand that! I certainly tried to take that into consideration about prices and shipping as well as the recession for both countries when I quickly looked through your but maybe I came out unintentionally harsh.

    In any case, good luck with your shop. 🙂

  4. Love all your stuff in your shop but an;t buy because I don’t have paypal 😥
    but in the future I’ll buy something in your shop :yay:
    and also, I’ll soon sponsor some of your giveaways :yay:
    and pls also wait for our postcards :yay:
    yeh my hello kitty ring :yay:
    I wanna win too in your platform sneakers giveaway :yay:
    I’ll also make them some wing when I make them :loveheart:
    and also, I love the goodies when someone order :yay:
    I’m surely he one who ordered your stuff will be surprised with the goodies :yay:
    anyway so KAWAII :yay: :love: :loveheart: :33: :3: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  5. I agree with Tracy! You get what you pay for! Some people are just too stupid to understand this. I was so happy with what I received, I can’t wait to order something else! I’ve been thinking about the platform sneakers, but I’m scared they won’t fit my feet!! :ohnoes:

  6. I would rather pay a lot of money to buy something of great quality, and from someone I know who cares about their clients and loves what they do than buy something at some cheap discount store. Also, why bother telling someone you can get something that they have for a cheaper price? Just buy your cheap product and be satisfied with that. If you want something better, you have to pay for it!


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