Rainbowholic Studio (So Far) + Youtube Updates

Hi guys!

After a long crazy week, I am finally having some me-time here at my place. It feels so good to blog again and just type away all these thoughts in my head! breathes in and out

As mentioned in my instagram posts earlier this month (and also blogged about it previously haha), I’ve finally gotten myself a studio / office.

I never expected that this day would come so soon. I knew that it would come true, but maybe not this year..? Haha. And yes, even if I’m like the most optimistic person out there, I still have those moments when I doubt my capabilities and all… tryin’ to be realistic. I hope that everything gets settled soon as it’s quite harder than I thought to set things up especially during this very cold winter season. I still don’t have internet at my studio and I hope to get one soon as it has been extra challenging for me to not edit & upload… wew.

Moving on…

To share some of my progress, here’s a messy desk photo! I’ve been filming some BTS during the entire setting up phase and I can’t wait to share them on my youtube! : )

Watch: First Rainbowholic Studio Vlog ♡ Empty Japanese Apartment Tour (アパートツアー)

Patreon-exclusive post: my first day reaction!

I reused my old stuff from my old apartment. My brother and Aki’s parents also donated some furniture / equipment for the studio. Aki was able to score this really good “extendable” dining table + chairs set from some app here in Japan. We only paid a few thousand yen for it!

My first breakfast at the studio during my first “work day” there. ;_;

I hope to be able to have time to cook again soon because I’ve been really just buying ~convenient~ food for the past weeks.

Every penny that I have, I try my best to invest it to improve my shop. I’m so happy that my packaging game is getting stronger haha.

Packing patreon rewards. The first 2 weeks of every month is the craziest for me, haha!

Dinner at Matsuya.

Thank you kawaii journaling for making me sane & for being my healthy creative outlet~

Packing more and more rewards… I may have packed around 100 mails / packages in 2 weeks. So happy that I was able to hire a friend to help me too! 

If you are interested in getting mailable / digital rewards from me (I update my patreon 2-3 times a week about random things lol), you might be interested to be a #rainbowholicpatron! 

I still have some slots left for the popular tiers ^^

I love how this room is so spacious~ can’t wait to film more things here!

Kitkat x Year of the Pig 2019 Otoshidama envelope collab for early-bird patrons!

Half of everything that I sent out. What an unforgettable packing experience~!

(my life atm has been all about studio / patreon / kawaii journaling holiday challenge recently lol)

Sooo.. here is my special journal with me series this month!

Check out the Kawaii Journaling Holiday videos on youtube.

~ episode 1 ~

~ episode 2 ~

~ episode 3 ~

~ episode 4 ~

I recently collaborated again with my dear friend Abbey!

The videos that I took were so long that I had to make 2 parts haha.

** Watch Abbey’s video: 🎄Holiday Journaling feat. mail from Rainbowholic  **

Making A Stationery Care Package For My Friend Abbey (PART 1) | Rainbowholic

Journal With Me | Holiday Stationery Mail From Abbey Sy (PART 2)

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