A Fan Mail From a Unicorn!

If you guys remember, I met Alyssa weeks ago. Alyssa is Celina‘s sister~ :33:  Celina is  a real unicorn probably one of the few / first readers of Rainbowholic before (when I was just “restarting” my blogging pace). She even emailed me during that time! I was so happy to have such a follower like her! If you backtrack my posts, you’ll probably see entries with “1 comment” and that’s probably Celina’s! Haha~  :heart:


The day before our huge event for Design Festa, I was packing boxes and boxes.. until a silver package arrived!

Alyssa had forgotten the package (the reason why we also met up, haha! : )) ) so she had it sent to me through a family member here in Japan..

This is the sweetest ever! WILD THING! : )) HOT!! : ))

How many Candy Mag / Seventeen pages did you sacrifice for this? : )) Super TOUCHING and I haven’t even opened it!

So the package was almost literally from the end of the rainbow… : ))

Rainbow stickers and postcard from KOREAAAAA!

OH MY GOD.. the unicorn sent ponies : (((

 I was meaning to buy tons of ponies when I go home to the Philippines (i couldn’t find ponies here for some reason, the ones in “sets”)…

and she gave me my first two ponies!!


BOWS made with love huhuhu so cute! I will make an outfit for this! Hehe~

She collected stuff for my package ;__;

More snivel-inducing letters..

HELLO KITTY STICKERS + artwork by Zaira!

AND a mustache!!





Bicycle…wheel! : ))

Brb crying

Sweet letter from Alyssa + Purple lucky charm omiyage!!!


I was so happy that it came when I needed it the most! And I was so surprised because the package had so many items she had collected… huhuhu ;___;

Thank you so much Celine for this. I hope to see you forreals with Alyssa again as well! <3



6 thoughts on “A Fan Mail From a Unicorn!

  1. Try checking out Kinokuniya Bookstore, they might have those kawaii “Unicornos” (TokiDoki) I hope you can find some ponies there in JP!

  2. I’m glad you liked it, Ate! :heart: I’m sorry that I forgot to put tissue or a handkerchief… ;______; I’ll take note of that next time!! =))))

    See you soon, Ate!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


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