A Rainbow Chaos

Today is Rainbowholic’s first birthday! ;___;

WOWWWW! My blog has turned ONE YEAR already..? A year of ..183 blog posts of my “Today I got lost again” stories, Japanese school struggles, 100 yen purchases, quirky Japanese discoveries, wishful dreams and opportunities,… and thousands of photos from my daily (mis)adventures… :peace:  Thank you for being with me through this rollercoaster journey!  :blush3:

I will allot a Rainbowholic blog appreciation post one of these days. I have so much to write but I’m on a hurry right now… ;___;

ANYWAY~ for now, here’s today’s dose of  rainbowholic~  :happy:

I have new cheap purchases. Can you spot the additions?


My craft desk


Mushroom socks remade by me~

Rainbow Platforms


Kaila’s labor of love  :heart:


Dragonball drink + PEKO-chan~!!!

Sorry for blinding your eyes,


8 thoughts on “A Rainbow Chaos

  1. green is the color of the day!! happy 1st birthday Rainbowholic <3

    im guessing the flavour of the dragon ball drink… grapes? hahaha

  2. Otanjoubi Omedetou, Rainbowholic! Omedetou, Kaila-san~ Uwaaaaaaa one year na!! Parang kahapon lang, I sent you an e-mail. ^___________^

    I’m very very happy and proud of all the things you’ve achieved throughout the year.

    Arigatou for all the most awesome things and for every single post you make; Arigatou for the significant posts and of course the random ones as well :heart: ; For sharing your life with your readers; for the beautiful photographs and videos; FOR EVERYTHING!!

    More power to Rainbowholic and let’s make it to 5 years? 10 years? Haha!

    Daisuki~~~ :heart:

    ~Anyway, waahhh I want my own sewing machine huhu OTL Awesome work, Ate!! Your craft desk is amazing ;A;

  3. Happy birthay rainbowholic. thank you for posting you mis adventures in Japan and hope you can still keep on rocking.

    more power and more support.

  4. Happy birthay rainbowholic ~!!!!! :yay: :yay: omg i love the socks they are so cute :heart: :heart: hope u will post further more :nod: :nod:

  5. :yay: Rainbowholic お誕生日おめでとうございま!! :yay:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world, Kai-la. Hope to be able to continue returning here for years to come!

    Have a nice day/night:heart:

  6. <3 *V* Otanjoubi Omedetou!~ :3 *V* A year of awesomeness it is~ :3 continue blogging!~ :3 ayii~ <3 *V*

  7. Loving the gumball machine and Mario items :yay: (the word 100-yen store really sets your heart a-flutter :blush3: ). When I first went to one I had lots of fun, then the tour guide took us to an even bigger one with about 5 levels XD :heart:


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