ALL-OUT for Rainbowholic! (First Step: Rainbow New Beetle Car??)

A couple of months ago, my brother and his friends had seen GREAT potential in Rainbowholic here in Japan (or probably a world domination in a few years, haha kidding). When I was just speaking out loud of my Harajuku-related dreams which involve Rainbowholic shop and cafe (plus other crazy dreams of a non-Japanese girl), my brother / they told me it’s crazy but it’s definitely possible!

Also, I have received such great reviews / feedback about my blog on how it serves as a Japan portal of everything kawaii-related.. :blush3:  My boss(es) from even told me that I have “different eyes” when I see something kawaii (evident in my videos, perhaps?). At first, I didn’t realize that my blog would have such impact on people or my unique perspective of Japan’s kawaii culture would be praise-worthy! I also had a double-take (or make that triple) whether I was hearing it right from the Japanese themselves. @_@  :what: *insert random “it’s not good enough” thoughts here*

And because of that, we decided to give 100000% of our efforts to make Rainbowholic recognized.

To start with all the full-blast Rainbowholic promotion here in Tokyo and via facebook/or the www itself, my brother decided to sacrifice his pearly white New Beetle. His first car in Japan!   :blank:

He and his wife even went to the Philippines just to purchase all the materials! I went @_____@ when my brother told me about it a few weeks ago. My brother is a great businessman which also means.. he wouldn’t invest or devote time in something (in this case, in Rainbowholic) that would be pointless / nonsense. Maybe someday, Rainbowholic will cause a lot of noise (the good kind) in Japan or even in overseas.. and we might get help / aid in achieving our Harajuku shop and cafe dreams! Whether we super nail it in the future or not (but we must!!), we’re all doing these gimmicks for (sincere) rainbow fun. I can assure you. ^^v

The following post is only the FIRST PART of the rainbowholic car blog feature ^^

ikou~ ikou~!!

(let’s go, let’s go)

During a hot summer afternoon >_<

Can you imagine this car driving around Harajuku?

I climbed the ladder just to make this pose. wtf


No skin make-up here, just red lips <3


I need to gain the confidence to drive here! Huhuhu poser photos for now

Woops, got sucked in!

Just halfway there…

Dedication : )


Play at work ^^v

If I / we can do so much with just a car, can you imagine a Rainbow paradise in Tokyo?

“Rainbowholic Shop and Cafe”


If you believe that I can achieve my dreams here in Japan, you can help by sharing Rainbowholic to your friends! That would be the simplest way~  :yay:

Let’s make some Rainbowholic noise (while I practice on my poor driving), shall we?


17 thoughts on “ALL-OUT for Rainbowholic! (First Step: Rainbow New Beetle Car??)

  1. waaaaaaaaaaah so cute :yay:
    you’ve worked wonders in your beetle.
    Ikou Nee-chan 😀
    I’ll support you,
    goodluck with your future cafe,shop and dreams :heart: :heart: :heart:

  2. This is so awesome! I’m glad you’re achieving your dreams already, albeit slowly. You make me rest assured that I can also achieve my dreams! :3star:

  3. :woww: :woww:
    I bet all your neighbours came and asked what you were doing (or maybe not, cause it’s Japan) 😆 :cheer:
    :heart: :kawaii:

  4. Ang funny ng ibang photos huhu cute cute mo talaga, Ate ;____;

    That is the gayest and most colorful car I have ever seen (talo pa yung may mga Hello Kitty dito sa Pinas haha!) Imagine if you bring that here in the Philippines, though………. Tapos nasa loob ako tapos all them people be jelly ;;) HAHAHA Pero omg kyot talaga ng car mo kasing-kyot mo HUHUHUHUHUHU :heart: Them cupcakes and clouds and rainbows and eyelashes omg talo pa ako ng kotse sa eyelashes ;_____; /hides in the corner/

    I can pretty much foresee a Rainbowholic Cafe ;;) Swear. Tapos kapag nandiyan na ako I’ll go there everyday :cheer:

  5. :woww: :yay: that’s so awesome! that’s definitely one way to get noticed! with your website and shop and work for TokyoFashion, you are definitely going to end up with your very own store or cafe. I can’t wait to go to Japan just so I can visit it!

  6. I cannot imagine a Beetle being any cuter, but i was wrong!! The Rainbowholic-Beetle is SUPER KAWAII <3
    I see that a lot of work went into decorating it, GAMBATTE ^^ The finished product is awesome~ Your bro is really nice, for him to let u use his car to promote your rainbow-cuteness 😀


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