Flashback: 5 Years Ago

A tribute to the old experimental & deviant Kaila.

I was browsing my old (and self-proclaimed) creative outlet gallery that I’ve had during my crappiest days with Photoshop 7.0 (I could still remember the thrill of installing Adobe Photoshop CS! OMG /old). ALSOOOO, thank you self-improvement for molding me to become who I am today. Haha!  :heart:


As you can see, the greatest common factor among all of my “artworks” would be of course… rainbows.  :starru:



Bathroom-sized rooms produce creative ideas.

I sewed that top over there + the ribbon <3

Matchbox cameras & rainbow dotted cucpakes, anyone?

I will always be this child.

Had a 6-month break from college (work) and decided to cut my hair (Sakura-inspired lulz) for new beginnings.

Lolita top & school uniforms.

Acid wash jeans that couldn’t fit me turned into a rainbow mess sling bag.

Couldn’t sleep so I sewed my own eye patch


Liza Frank notebooks, my mustard iPod + dainty outfit..


Had to customize everything I owned.

(P.S. Been using that Wacom tablet for over 4 years until it died ;__;)

My Lasallian planner inked with black retro doodles + rainbow crayons

And who would have thought? Harajuku-inspired outfits based on TokyoFashion.com‘s street snaps. And now I’m a contributor there! : O /thank you Life

(I’m a horrible “fashion illustrator” with this piece, I’m aware. HAHAHA = ))) )

Just a random blog post of where I’m coming from,


5 thoughts on “Flashback: 5 Years Ago

  1. EERIE-SILENCE DAYS :heart: I remember being all amazed by all your works (still am now!!) and lurking through your DA every now and then… (Even when you left ES and before Rainbowholic started!!)


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