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 Hello there, fellow dreamer!

Here’s a compilation of my written reflection papers here on the blog. I cannot believe that I’ve managed to write & produce such a long list already, wow! :what:

Kaila Thoughts

Most people would not share their vulnerability for the world to see & judge but for me, allowing myself to be vulnerable (and open to learn) has helped me in so many ways. I’ve experienced many kinds of highs and lows and I am aware that the future would probably get 1000% crazier as I am still 25 years young. I know that with positive thinking and failure-turned-inspiration -fueled drive, I can get through anything. ^^

Writing my thoughts & feelings is a “personal” therapy and being able to share my “I survived this.. ” stories ground me as a passionate go-getter in life.

Let’s learn a lot and enjoy life together then! : )

Love, Kaila


Kaila’s life hacks:


Dreams, goals, & struggles:


Doing your best:


Straight from the heart:


Making your name:


Comparison / insecurities:


Love / Self-love:


Blogging / infuence:


Year in review:


On being thankful & being present


My “kawaii” testimonies




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