Skoshbox: Monthly Assortment of Japanese Candies & Snacks

Good morning everyone!  :star:

For today, I’m going to introduce to you SKOSHBOX, a monthly subscription box of unique and oishii Japanese treats and snacks! I’m sure that many of you will be interested in this especially if you’ve been wanting to try some of the famous Japanese noms I’ve been posting here on my blog~ : )


SKOSHBOX team sent me 2 boxes for review~ a skoshbox and a dekabox! ^_^

The DEKAbox review will be up @ / Kawaii Japan Lover Me soon!  :love:



Here’s a preview of my #skoshbox snack time. Sandy Cheeks makes an appearance, hehe!


Now, let’s start with my honest review!


I got my boxes quite earlier than I expected. And they came in  perfect condition. That’s one star for #skoshbox! ^^

I do packaging work here as well and that’s why I also notice the little things.. such as the overall packaging itself. I’m not sure if I’m a picky blogger, haha.

Alsooo, I really like how the skoshbox has their own customized packaging!

Just exactly like what you’d expect from any shop here in Japan! : ) I like how it was packed so nicely! : )


(excuse the selfie but here’s a preview of how big the boxes are ^^)




I think that the snack list / ingredient card is a good addition! Since not all Japan culture / food fans can read Japanese, I find this very useful! And if you have a special diet, you would know what you’re trying. It’s better to be safe than sorry (with all your allergic reactions), especially if you have some food-related allergies! >_<;;

And can I also commend the graphic design / overall branding of Skoshbox? I think that everything looks so PROFESSIONALLY done! : )


I love how everything looks secured in place. 🙂 It felt like I was unwrapping a birthday present, haha!


Ahhh, so happy!

Actually, even if I’ve been living here in Japan for 3+ years already, I haven’t tried a lot of snacks yet. Probably because I couldn’t understand that certain level of Japanese yet.. I’d always resort to Pocky and KitKat. The usual Kaila noms lol.


And I’m so happy to receive my favorite KitKat flavor from the adult-taste series…  matcha / green tea kitkat yay!

(Lol, is that even a surprise, I think everyone knows I’m almost drinking green tea as my daily water haha)


January 2015 Box

The complete list of the current skoshbox! : )


If you are opting for a BIGGER box, you should try their DEKABOX then.

And I promise, you might not even want to throw away their box for keepsaking purposes. Hehe!

How can you throw away or not reuse a box that’s so cute? >_<

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My toys are effective #skoshbox endorsers… agree? Agree. Hahaha!


“I want a skoshbox!!” – You

And here’s how to get a skoshbox for yourself! Quite simple, really. ^^

Plans start at 10 USD! 

How it Works

Did you know that SKOSHBOX has been featured on BUZZFEED, FORBES, PEOPLE, YAHOO! TECH..?

And now on Rainbowholic Blog too! Hahaha.

(lololol just kidding about the last part, hehe)


Another favorite of mine is the fried sesame-shoyu rice cracker! I think I will look for this when I go grocery shopping, hahaha.


ありがとう skoshbox for introducing new snacks & treats! I’ve been seeing those sakusaku panda cookies around but I was hesitating, haha. It tastes good and it looks good when instagrammed, lololol. I hope you get the kawaii angry pandas when you order a skoshbox!


If you are craving for a certain Japanese snack, they also have a snack store within their website.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.58.04 AM

For all the POCKY lovers out there ~

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.58.22 AM

And yay for Character-themed snacks! Pokeball Candy sounds great, yes.


Overall, I am very pleased and happy with my skoshbox and I would recommend this to my readers. : )

Kaila’s Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5 stars!

You guys can follow skoshbox on instagram, facebook and twitter for more info!

Please look forward to our skoshbox and dekabox giveaway this coming weekend!

Hope you guys had fun reading my review about their subscription box!

Love, カイラ

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