International Friendship Camp

Last week, I finally had my hair extensions done! Been planning to have my hair done but everyday has been a busy day for me. Going to school and actually absorbing every kanji character and japanese grammar are draining my brain cells.


I can’t imagine myself having a black hair again. Been having my hair colored for 2 years or so already! Haha.


Also last week, my language school had its international friendship camp in Nozawa. Such a very relaxing place! I really enjoyed it with my friends from different countries : ) Filipino represent, yes?


Roommates with the nicest Chinese people ever <3 Teach me Chinese~ Wo pu tsi tao? Haha

Shouro-san’s yoga


The bus ride was so long @_@

Enjoying everything in Bunka’s rest house


The lake was super clear! I should’ve brought a close-up lens.

Our first dinner (first night).

With my pretty korean friend, Minjung~ah


Mystery Drink… Hmm

Turtle-san! Haha

In Japanese accent.. it would be taaatoooo or tarutoru or something near to that, haha

Carebear shirts for everyday!

Spent sometime alone..

Fail shots

Then on the second day, we went to the town by bus.


Reminds me of my friend Gracie, who likes Purple so much..

Tagged my boyfriend in one of the flower photos : ) I said I wanted flowers like this one in the photo.. he replied “I should start planting now then.” FUNNY : ))))

Magtatanim na siya : )))

And before we went back to school…


Sorry for the lack of descriptions, I just thought that photos would be enough to tell how my camp went.

It was an unforgettable experience : )


Ja matta~


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5 thoughts on “International Friendship Camp

  1. きれいい な~~ You look so pretty in the first photo!! ^___^ And you look like a little kid with your Carebear shirts~ @w@ (Love the ice cream photo so かわいい~! :heart:

  2. Hey Kaila! ^^ How are you?
    Long time uh? 😉 I’m sorry about this, last days were a bit difficult for me *personal problems* :sweatdrop:
    But now I’m a little better!
    I love all the photos! It seems that the camp was very good n__n
    And you look really cute with braids!

    Kissu ~

  3. hi kaila! Thanks for sharing almost everything of U. U are just darn fine bloggin’ dear. Oh so wonderful and very inspiring. I don’t usually leave comments but just want to say I so far like your PAGE. Love everything ’bout it! I’m just still on this page..A lowt more to go…..
    . Like that song of YUI btw was saying ‘hey where did I hear that song? then I go googling it…….ah Paradise Kiss movie. See googling is not even a word, who cares.. well then ’til next tym. tc u dear and keep it up! fighting!

  4. I LOVE THOSE PHOTOS!! Very very beautiful! 😀
    Btw, what’s that click thingy you used to take pictures of yourself??


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