Kawaii Empowerment Day with Philippines’ Future Kawaii Heroes

Hello everyone! Good morning from Manila, Philippines!  :happy:

I still have “Rainbowholic Meet-up” blog entry left to blog about (among others, such as the #rainbowholictravels in #Kyoto series haha waaahhh)..

.. and today, I just feel like blogging about a very memorable day weeks ago.


Weeks ago, some of the team members of Kawaii Philippines went to Bulacan to share “kawaii” with fellow dream achievers of Assumption Development Foundation.

These girls are not ordinary girls because they are bright  / multi-talented student scholars, and they work hard in their studies for them to be able to graduate. 🙂

In the Philippine setting, if you don’t have a university / college diploma, it is very tough and 1000% more difficult to find work. So almost every other Filipino has this mentality that college / university is definitely a “must”.

I wasn’t really exactly  a “scholar” before but I could say that I relate a lot with these girls because I was also a struggling student during my university days.

I was enrolled in a prestigious university here in Manila (De La Salle University) and there were many times that money / financial problems were a roadblock for me to finish my school (I finished on time – 4 years.. despite having to take a break / leave).

I became a “scholar” through my older brother’s help all the way from Japan (ultimate sponsor haha).

If only I were really “bright” in terms of academics, I would really do my best to be a 100% scholar like these girls (+ my other brothers too). Unfortunately (or fortunately? haha), God gave me a higher EQ than IQ haha. I dislike math, algebra and everything with numbers! But I do love collaborating, delegating tasks, and sharing dreams with others! 🙂




Anyway let’s start with the narration of what happened last October 24, in a very nice place in Bulacan.


We brought Japanese street fashion magazines, positivity books, and all things cute and happy!



ChiChi’s Slambook last year for Total Girl + ENJI x Rainbowholic Cafe <3


My favorite book!



Hello Eva!


Dresses and kawaii clothes from our own closet + Designs by Dolly Kaye.

Thank you Kaye for doing a GREAT job in styling + preparation!


Kaye’s cutie shoes!

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