Koenji with Pixie Tracy and Toy Shopping with Justin in Tokyo

Yay! A blog update~!  😥 Got some free time tonight so I decided to share some stories of my fun days with friends here in Tokyo!

Even after the week-long  Kawaii Leader project with NHK / Kawaii International, my first week of May was also packed / “fully booked”! So many friends coming over during the Golden Week! I think I was outside almost everyday… ;_; It was so tough and challenging since I have to juggle so many responsibilities (real work / JapanLover.me / Rainbowholic ) all at once. *_* I think I need to divide myself into 3 more.  :blank:

Anywaaaaay, I’m still very grateful because my friends from Manila came to visit! It was so funn and I almost forgot all of my obligations..! :”) Wish I could do this more and more..  :star:


I’ve been collaborating with Tracy姉ちゃん for a couple of projects together. For the work x fun meeting, we both decided to go to Koenji since we love the overall vibe in this place~! We also planned to visit the SPANK! store… which explains our matching SPANK! -inspired fashion looks here.

So pop and pastel~y!  :333:

Work it work it

Perfect weather + not so many people + streets with lots of hidden treasures..

She’s rocking the tights from SPANK!

Thanks to my friend Chris, we found Floresta! Such a perfect chill place.. :O

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Doumyouji & Makino’s First Date at Ebisu Garden Place + Akiba Night Tour + Gachapon Paradise

We went to Ebisu yesterday. Fingers crossed for this huge break / project with Rainbowholic… >_< Cannot spill anything for now until everything’s ready or 100% sure. :cutee:


After our 2 hour meeting, we had some cold noodles in a Chinese fastfood in Ebisu..

Wore something colorful to contrast with the gloomy day. Everyone was wearing toned down colors..then there’s a walking rainbow like me : ))

My brother took us at Ebisu / Yebisu Garden Place…

Ride the huge escalator from EBISU JR station and you’ll encounter this SKY WALK.

There were some Japanese girls wearing yukata so I tried to ninjasnap them, haha!

Here’s a personified rainbow during a gloomy day of rain! : )))

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An Afternoon in Ginza + Apple Store + World’s Largest UNIQLO store

Yesterday, my brother + his wife and I went to Ginza to get our Macbooks checked! Unfortunately, my brother’s Macbook Air’s keyboard started working funny when I went back to Philippines weeks ago (main reason why I couldn’t blog as much as I wanted to). We were scared because it was rarely used (only for presentations) + it was bought around November last year.. good thing my brother bought Apple Care for the warranty.

My 2 yr. old Macbook Pro’s sd slot stopped working months and months ago (such a hassle for someone who always takes photos like me) so we also had it checked up. ;_; We’d have to pay 30,000 yen if we want to get it repaired but that’s too much for me so I’ll just buy an external card reader.. which probably costs 28,000 JPY less! That’s more practical, right?  :333:

Since we were in the area as well, we toured for a bit. Ever since I came back, my brother and I have been so busy with work / upcoming projects so it was a refreshing day for us just to chill around a bit.

Enjoy the photos  :star:

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