#Hobonichi With Me Facebook Live + Allie in Saitama + Pokemon Go!

Hi everybody!

Here’s a photospam / photo diary of what happened this weekend!


Had an impromptu / spontaneous facebook live today!


Here’s the Hobonichi spread output for 2 days~

You can watch the entire process here.



Also, I just finished uploading our Tambara Lavender Park #Hobonichi video (with some clips / video snippets of our adventure) ~


Just a random photo of this super cute icecream packaging!

IMG_8015Allie Pokemon Go

Photo of my friend Allie taking over my mini atelier / craft corner in the room!

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Kawaii Pokemon Plushies + OurKawaii.Tokyo Planning with Allie + UFO Master Catcher Brother

Hi everyone!

I just feel like sharing all these kawaii snaps I took last week! 🙂


Allie & I dropped by Kiddyland and we saw these pokemon plushies at the store display. 1st generation pokemon forever!


Who can still remember the time when Charmander’s flame almost went out? I was so heartbroken that day. ;_;


I see Oddish, Eevee, Jigglypuff~


Takeshita Dori Banner with snowflake-shaped balloons! 🙂


Met up with Allie of The Four-eyed Wonder who will be working with me and Ashley for the OurKawaii.Tokyo book. Having her as our additional teammate = a blessing! She’s one of the masterminds of KATHA magazine too. Thank you so much Allie for reaching out! Huhuhu!

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