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おはよう (Good Morning) from Japan!

I just want to announce that my dear friend / twinnie ChiChi has finally launched her Little Miss Paintbrush Website!!!

chichi romero lmp

chichi romero meet the artist

Read ChiChi’s inspirational story here.

I’ve witnessed how ChiChi worked hard on this dream website of hers and I couldn’t be more prouder to share this with you! If you are an artist or you want to pursue art someday, let her story inspire you.

It still amazes me how she is the breadwinner of her entire family. In the Philippines, it’s very challenging to be an artist while you provide for the family. For me, she is really one of the most inspiring people out there. Not only that she is humble to the core, but because she is truly a genuine person. She makes art to spread positivity and to make others smile! (To be “chichified” is both an honor and responsibility.. just kidding lol. Corny joke attempt hahahahaha)

When she was younger, she got a scholarship program under Assumption Development Foundation (which we would like to get as a beneficiary for the Kawaii Market 2016 we are planning *crosses fingers*) and they really helped her finance her education. Imagine how you can change many people’s lives just by helping out a child who is overflowing with so much potential and has the heart to give back?

I remember the time when ChiChi’s pen tablet got broken and we had some deadlines for Japan Lover Me (we work together in the same company) and even with just a mouse, she was able to finish the illustration requested. Now, that’s pure talent! I’m seriously blown away by her professionalism + skills. And I’m super proud to call her as my friend.

I know that someday, ChiChi’s art will grace more books, magazines, publications, exhibits, lifestyle & fashion goods, and so much. I really believe that this big dream of hers will come true someday. : )

I will be here as a friend to give my all-out support as she continues to unlock more dreams while she proves to the world that you can be who you want to be, as long as you put your soul and heart into it.

Much love,


(I’m really a cheesy friend hahahaha)


Thankful :)

Today is my rest day from a crazy week of preparation for Cosmania 2013 . For the last 3 days, my teammates and I only had 3-4 hours of sleep … *_* Exhausted to the max, but still very thankful for everything. Life isn’t perfect (and I’m so broke now), but I am very grateful for all these blessings in different forms. Meeting new people, getting support & opportunities, being discovered, and all the big and small things… Waaah.. thank you ;__;

Almost exactly a year ago, I was an entirely different person.. my brother is probably right, I suddenly grew up hahaha.

Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten more appreciative and I’m seeing things from a different light now. Maybe being appreciative really does attract good karma + luck + all the positive vibes! :))

To all those who dropped by our booths last weekend to say hi and buy kawaii / Japanese goodies, a big THANK YOUUUU!  😥 Also another arigatou (arigachu, haha) to everyone who showed moral support! I may not be able to respond to all your emails / messages / tweets.. but please take note that I’m mentally replying to you guys hehehe ~


Also, just wanna share this adorable art one of my readers (Jenni from Australia) made for me and my toy poodle, Chocnut!  😥

Efforts such as this make me more motivated especially during my down days TT_TT

Chocnut and Rainbowholic by Jenni <3


Now count all the thank you’s in this post, hahaha~


Flashback: 5 Years Ago

A tribute to the old experimental & deviant Kaila.

I was browsing my old (and self-proclaimed) creative outlet gallery that I’ve had during my crappiest days with Photoshop 7.0 (I could still remember the thrill of installing Adobe Photoshop CS! OMG /old). ALSOOOO, thank you self-improvement for molding me to become who I am today. Haha!  :heart:


As you can see, the greatest common factor among all of my “artworks” would be of course… rainbows.  :starru:



Bathroom-sized rooms produce creative ideas.

I sewed that top over there + the ribbon <3

Matchbox cameras & rainbow dotted cucpakes, anyone?

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Little Miss Paintbrush x Rainbowholic Hagaki Collaboration

My friend, Chichi, has great timing! Just when she posted our awesome (applause please, haha!) collab together on her tumblr, I was planning to post the set here this week! And I think that this is a great start-off for a very interesting week ahead of  me.  :blush:


We’re good friends so I hope she doesn’t mind me leeching off some bandwidth by using her uploaded photos as well! Haha  :yay:


Featuring Chichi’s awesome drawing skills by a MOUSE + random snapshots of my travels here in Nippon









What do you think I’m really planning with these? I’d like to hear your creative guesses! For now, I’m giving these to my customers as postcard / はがき freebies.. but I’m planning a much different one.  :star:


Hoping your weekend was way awesome than mine (it was all about Japanese!),