Where To Rent Kimono In Tokyo ? + Sakura Hobonichi! ?

Hi everyone!

Finally had some time to blog about this~! I’m so happy, yaaaay!

If you haven’t watched it yet, I uploaded this Hobonichi With Me video last week I think.

Hobonichi With Me | Tokyo Kimono Rental + Sakura x Starbucks Japan ? ?

If you are visiting Tokyo this sakura season and you’re interested in renting a kimono, I found a great kimono rental shop that you might want to check out. I discovered this on my own while asking google for help so.. to those who are wondering, this is not a sponsored post. Haha!

Before I write about my experience, let me share these photos of the matcha parfait from Denny’s before Lirei & I went on a kimono date.


okay let’s move on now lol

I booked through their website to reserve the day before. I’m not really sure if walk-in visits are allowed but I think that the shop gets really busy so it’s best to reserve online so you can get your preferred time.

My friend and I availed the Standard Kimono Plan and Standard Hairdo.

Standard Kimono Plan = 3500 -> 2900 (discounted)

Standard Hairdo = 900

All in all, Lirei & I just paid 3800 JPY each. What a reasonable price for an excellent service! I suggest that you also try getting your hair professionally done. : )

If you buy a kimono set and all, it costs a LOT so renting is always the more affordable option. 😉

(though I’d love to own my own kimono set one day, haha. gambarimasu lol)

Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo Access Guide (Tokyo Sensoji Branch)

They also have photography services and other cool stuff so just roam around their website for more info 🙂

If you are going to Kyoto too, they have many kimono rental shops available. I haven’t tried their services in Kyoto yet though.

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Asakusa Hanayashiki + January Hobonichi Flip-Through Video ?

Hi everyone!

Here’s another photospam update to end this week! 😉

Hobonichi With Me | Asakusa Hanayashiki (The Oldest Amusement Park in Japan)

January 2017 Hobonichi Techo Flip-Through + February Goals ?

Asakusa Hanayashiki Theme Park Website

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Coming of Age Day 2016 (成人の日) in Asakusa + JustinJapan.com

Hi everyone!

For this post, I will be sharing some photos I took during my visit in Asakusa with Justin. Today is also the “Coming of Age Day” in Japan and the streets were filled with pretty Japanese ladies in kawaii furisode + handsome Japanese gentlemen in fine suits! I have always wanted to take photos of these kawaii girls for so many years already and I am so happy that I got to cross that out from my #JapanBucketList today! Been looking forward to this day since last year, hahaha!

DSCF3185japan coming of age day 2015 seijin no hi

Before anything else, my photo first. Hahahaha lololol

DSCF3020japan coming of age day 2015 seijin no hi

Back alleys are the best. The best way to dodge the huge crowd of tourists :))

DSCF3022japan coming of age day 2015 seijin no hi

DSCF3026japan coming of age day 2015 seijin no hi

Coming of Age Day (成人の日 Seijin no Hi) is a Japanese holiday held annually on the second Monday of January. It is held in order to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached the age of majority (20 years old (二十歳 hatachi)) over the past year, and to help them realize that they have become adults. Festivities include coming of age ceremonies (成人式 seijin-shiki) held at local and prefectural offices, as well as after-parties amongst family and friends. (source)

DSCF3106japan coming of age day 2015 seijin no hi

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ABC x Rainbowholic Day 5: Asakusa, Icecream, Okonomiyaki and Nescafe Cafe

Hello everyone! 

For today’s overdue photospam, here are the pictures from our Day 5. We spent the entire day at Asakusa eating icecream and okonomiyaki. I got to meet Jessie (Abbey’s friend), who was also in Tokyo that time. You can check her yummy food photos here! It was such a relaxing day for me and Abbey (for both workaholics, great conversations about life, dreams, goals, action plans = our way of de-stressing LOLOL) 🙂

(Before anything else, I MISS YOU ABBEY!)


Icecream to start the day! Lol




Spotted: Kawaii Nabe lolol


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