Let’s Make Candy Cane Cupcakes This Christmas!

Hello everyone! :yay:


Christmas is fast approaching and that is why my sissie-in-law and I decided to collaborate together for a Christmas / Holiday-themed baking tutorial video!

We will be making and producing more videos to those who love to bake and create!

Please do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel at www.youtube.com/rainbowholicTV ~

Giant Cheer Bear + My Pink Aegis Gundam

Just a random blog entry of Kaila photos + my love for smiling characters.

I am turning 23 in a few weeks and I still have loads of plushies on my bed… #sorrynotsorry :))

NO JUDGING, please!! Thank you, hahaha!


*jumps into the pool of smiles*


Scored this huge Cheer Bear from our ToyCon event a week ago!! IMPULSE BUY OF THE MONTH TT_TT


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Learning New Things + A Colorful Dream

Hello~!  :yay:

Finally, a blog update about the current stuff I’ve been into!  😥

If you’ve been following my facebook page and instagram account, you would know that I’ve been taking lessons and classes of different subjects.

At first, all I wanted was just to learn something new & poles apart from my current work (which involves the computer) just so I could de-stress myself..

However, during the course of learning and taking lessons, I had a great realization.


I woke up one  day with super high confidence. Don’t know how & why, but it just happened. *_*

Still groggy from my sleep (at around 7AM), I called my mother..

.. and told her I’m (dead) serious with Rainbowholic Cafe.  :nod:


(literally the most random morning phone call my mother got from me haha)

This photo has the ~feel~ of the kawaii cafe I’m planning to put up here in Manila. 🙂

Blythe dolls, toys, polkadots, sakura, all things cute.. ~

Wouldn’t you want to be surrounded with something like these?

Where you are free to express your love for cuteness while enjoying your cupcake & coffee?  :blush:

Rainbowholic Cafe

a colorful dream that is about to happen. 🙂


Aside from that, my friend Anne (a film enthusiast) recently convinced me to try out the manual hobby again.

I really love this feeling, this feeling of excitement when you learn something refreshing and really different from the things that you usually do..

I can’t fully explain it with words but I think that I’ve been secretly longing for  another hobby again. 🙂

Been investing in books as well. I’m the type of person who gets frustrated when things have become dull / a routine / ordinary..

.. OR when I feel like I am not growing or learning anything, I feel empty *_*  :)))) I don’t know! Maybe that’s really how I am.

This is why I’ve decided to buy books to upgrade my current knowledge (creative-wise / work-wise).

I want to beat my current & past self with new learnings! 😀

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