☆ Usagi Cuteness + Crazy and Yummy Snack Flavors + BOOK-OFF JAPAN ☆

I originally wanted to post this entry two days ago but my mind would always go blank when I’d have to write something >_<

(If only I could hit the “publish” button without writing a word, haha!)

Finally wore this pair of lolita shoes I got from Milanoo. Be wary though if you want to buy from their shop.. a reader told me it had bad reviews ..? :O


Cupcake beret from last year, Bubble bag (thanks Austine for letting me know about that, haha) which was popular when I was a kid..

and a super comfy bunny sweater gift <3


Which is your fave from the three..?


Mine was obviously.. the usagi  <3 So pink and cuteeee!


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