New Japan Videos + What I’ve Been Doing Lately + Big Magic! 🌟

Konbanwa from Japan!

Before I go to sleep, I just feel like blogging. It’s been quite a hectic week for me ever since I came back from the (tiring but fulfilling) backpacking trip and unloading all of my thoughts right now seems to be the best idea to end the night, haha!

To start this blog entry, let me just plug this teaser video I’ve created. It’s just short (hopefully sweet, lol) and I hope that it would make you want to look forward to the entire video series I’m working on! 🙂

My goal is to edit these video clips we’ve taken in a more creative / ~aesthetic~ way than the usual Japan travel vlogs / videos. I might include some Hobonichi With Me videos as well towards the end.. or not. Let’s see, haha!

VIDEO: Traveling Around Japan For 9 Days – Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, & Fukuoka!

At the same time, I’m also working on layouting chosen photos for my blog.

Many are asking about my itinerary so will post about that  (hopefully) soon! 🙂

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Kawaii PH Book 1: Beyond The Cutest Dreams


★ Kawaii PH Book 1: #BeyondTheCutestDreams ★


日本の魅力を再発見しよう。 カワイイが世界を変える。 カワイイ大好きの女の子が夢をかなえるまでの物語。


Dreams, beliefs, actions, and hard work—these are just some of the factors that were shown by the Kawaii PH team in order to come up with something as inspiring as this. Finally, The “Kawaii PH Book” will be released in order to empower more kawaii enthusiasts and dreamers to be more confident and open about their kawaii selves.

The Kawaii PH Book was created by the members and friends of the Kawaii Philippines team by compiling and sharing their stories, experiences, inspirations, blogs, and actions in order to help spread the meaning of kawaii and what makes every individual unique. The aim of the book is to enlighten people and educate the curious on what kawaii actually is, and what Kawaii PH does. The team members have their own assignments and tasks in collecting information, pictures, writing the stories, organizing events and workshops, and many more, in order to curate all these into one cohesive guide.

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