Tokyo Stationery Tour Packages + Halloween Rainbow Care Box + Etc!

Hi everyone! おはようございます from Japan ~

Today’s morning blog update is all about youtube & blog updates.

A few days ago, I’ve finally launched the page and published the details / packages for the Tokyo Stationery Tour. If you’d like to hoard stationery with me as I show you around the city + journal together at a cute & cozy cafe in Tokyo, I highly recommend booking a tour! I’m not sure until when I will be offering this but while it’s still available  and I have allocated time, book now! 🙂

Are you in Japan this autumn season? Then..  I hope to see you at Tokyo Design Festa Vol. 26 this Nov 11 & 12!

Abbey, Jean, and I will be sharing a booth together! It’s going to be so much fun ~

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Life Updates + Thank You, 2016! ?

Hi everybody!

It feels like it has been a decade since I last updated this blog, haha!

I’ve been extremely busy these days for various reasons and I hope to get my usual content creation pace back ~

Anyway, here are some photos I’ve taken during my absence! 😉

Saying goodbye to autumn ~

Thank you Chichi for these! You can buy these soon from Rainbowholic Shop! For local buyers, please check our instagram at 🙂

Shoefie ~ lolol

Got these presents from Mohammedさん!You guys should check out his dreamy art ~

The customized postcard is my favorite!

Look at that beautiful washi tape design!

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#TokyoExtra Shibuya Episode + Sukajan Girl OOTD + Shibuya Photo Diary + Kawaii Photospam

Hello everyone!

This is going to be a quite loooooong blog entry so I hope you guys are ready, haha! Do not load the blog entry without wifi because it will drain your data / remaining gbs from your mobile plan. Half kidding! :))

To everyone who tuned in last Sunday / Monday morning for my second Tokyo Extra gig, thank you so much! ;_; Thank you for sacrificing quality sleep for me huhu. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! ;_;

Kaila Sukajan Souvenir Jacket outfit

I was running out of おしゃれ clothes to wear (lolol girl problems) for the guesting so I thought.. maybe I should just dress up as a Sukajan girl.

Might as well do some subtle promotions for Japan Lover Me Store :))

Kaila Sukajan Souvenir Jacket outfit3

I chose this oversized black x red cherry blossoms / sakura souvenir jacket.

Hyakka Ryoran Japanese Sharaku Ukiyoe Male Kabuki Theatre Actor Samurai Musha Warrior Katsushika Hokusai Print Wave Nami Cherry Blossons Sakura Eagle Hawk Sakura Sukajan Jacket Art

Kaila Sukajan Souvenir Jacket outfit2

Thank you to my cousin Gilbert for taking these photos for me! 😉

Sukajan Jackets JLM STORE

Also uploaded a bunch of new selections! Give yourself a present this coming 2016! : )

Make sure to join our newsletter too for future sale information / discount codes!




Before I go and share about what happened behind-the-scenes, let me share some random kawaii photos I took!


Gudetama Wonder Collect Powder / Face Powder.. exists! *_*

Will be making this available at as everybody suggested for it! (Gudetama only) ^^

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Going Blonde for a Week + Kaila’s Moody Kawaii Fashion + Kinokuniya’s Manga Corner

Prepare for another lengthy blog post! Here are some snippets of what happened a few days ago and today.

Wore something special because it was my sister-in-law’s mother birthday. Had a wonderful lunch at a Chinese restaurant! I love Chinese foooood!

This is actually the “girliest” outfit I’ve come up with : )) I think it’s also a bit of otona / adult-like with the mustard blazer and wedges.. felt like a different Kaila during this day. : ))

Just a simple look with the basic white platforms + DIY ripped galaxy jeans I did for a tutorial.

Green bow Tiara is also available on my shop~ <3



and then ….


I went blonde! : ))))

Here’s a crazy look I made with my favorite (BAPE? is this BAPE?) shorts from my brother’s closet + oversized neon shirt from Donki.


Here’s how my room looks right now (it’s “cleaner” in the photos) and my new favorite plushie, Usagi!!! I want a chibimoon as well huhuhuhu

I had my hair “double bleached”. The term itself sounds painful but because my hair is going to be bleached for the first time, I may not attain the real dream hair I want if it’s only bleached once. Huhuhuhuhu  :sigh:

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