Big Red Bows + My Niece Chisa Andrea with Rilakkuma! + Daily Kawaii

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all genki there~! Please pray for the safety of the people who got affected by Sandy hurricane.. :sob: The photos in the web are so scary ;_;

Anyway~ I’m just taking some time off from work. Don’t be fooled by my facebook page updates, I’m actually very busy these days (& I apologize for the late email replies, etc.).. Ever since after my two trips + hospital stay, have to earn everything back again or else, I won’t be going back home to Philippines to spend Christmas + my birthday! 帰りたい〜!!

It’s still far away but I need to save a lot from now on… *gambarimasu mode*!!

After work, we went out for a bit.. decided to dress up because I rarely “go out” anymore ;_;

I just got my iPhone changed for iPhone 5!! Omg, the camera is amazing! My past iPhone was an iPhone 4 and it was soooo slow because of my undeleted 8,000 photos : ))

Got to spend a day at work with my niece, Chisa <3

Strawberry Baby

My sis-in-law brought Chisa’s halloween costume so I brought out all the mini Rilakkuma stuffed toys I had..

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Trendy, Kawaii and Cheap Ladies’ Shop: Shimamura! + COIN LAUNDRY!

If you want to shop trendy items in Japan and you have a budget, I would recommend Shimamura (しまむら)!  I am really lucky to live in a place just around 15 minutes away from this girly store! You can buy Sanrio license goodies for your room starting from about 200 yen… ! That’s really a good deal considering the fact that official Sanrio stores carry products that are so highly-priced!  😥


If I had all the money in the world, I would buy theeeeeese! But I’m broke and trying to save up again so… I took a photo for saving-up inspiration. Haha!

I am currently in a big room / place renovation move. Finally, after months of waiting… I’m going to have a bigger space here in our place!!

Found these cute tissue holders for the toilet. So hard to choose which one to buy when I go back next time.. TT_TT


For the little cook in me, I bought a double-sided Rilakkuma apron! I am not the best cook out there but my willingness to learn how to cook is an evidence of self-improvement.. right? Haha  :hug:

While I was prancing around the kiddie section (lol the places you could find me at : )) ), I saw a pokeball bento! So CUTEEEEE!

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Bows and Keys

For a change, this isn’t an overdue post!

Thought I should update the blog because the next post would prolly be written next weekend (or later) because of BIL’s international camp this Wednesday. This is one of those instances when you should be studying for 2 quizzes the next day.. but you decided to just blog. まじめながくせいじゃない。。

Hello slr, why did you focus on the electric fan @_@

I have finally unpacked my luggage from my trip! (don’t judge me)

AND i got to do house chores today! I cleaned my room! I vacuumed the carpet! I folded the laundry!

I am one independent woman : )))

This is me in my lazy days at home..

It’s getting hotter and hotter in Japan now 🙁

On sewing and other stuff

Last night, I was feeling creative and decided to finally start on my planned self-improvement (not really) projects.

Made a red bow clip : ) Might make a quick and easy tutorial on how to make your own bows : )

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