Sailor Kaila + Bunka Fashion Show 2012 + Shinjuku Night Out

Yesterday night, I had a reunion with Shoro, Dawa, Sabrina & Lilly! If you were a reader of my blog from last year, these names would be familiar because they are my friends here in Japan~ ^^

It’s amazing how time flies so much. :blank:  We were just all studying Nihongo together a year ago!! :O :O


Shoro texted me if we could watch the fashion show with everyone.. good thing I didn’t have work at 5:00 pm ;_;

Since it was getting chilly and more chilly everyday.. I decided to wear this Sailor sweater from my new favorite store called “Milanoo“.

(Edit: One of my readers told me to watch out for this store because it gained negative reviews recently *_*)


Hello Kitty (Jump From Paper-inspired) bag is from Donki ^^


When I posted the left photo on my facebook page, many people wondered about the person who takes my photos = ))) I didn’t know my readers would wonder about that! Hahaha ^^

I’ll keep it forever a mystery hihihihihi. Maybe I do have a secret twin? : ))

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Shibuya Bowling Night + Sakura Maccha Latte KitKat + Alice in Fantasy Book in Shinjuku

This will be a heavy post of what happened over the week. Can’t believe that it’s Friday again! I’m so happy that I get to rest… it’s so cold outside! SAMUIIII  😥 毎日学校上行くときは大変だよ!

Last monday after class, I headed to Shibuya for Caro’s goodbye bowling party before she leaves for L.A. Thank you Mori-san for teaching me tricks how to become a pro bowling athlete by using both of your hands! I have a future in this sport. My broken nail agrees.

BUT WAIT! I saw a Beard Papa’s branch!


HUHUHU IT WAS TOO SINFUL… I wanted another pan but I must control myself.

As usual, I went inside a game center first while waiting for others to arrive.

I spent 400 yen (100 yen per game) watching the UFO catcher and the universe conspire by not grabbing tightly on any of this… 400 yen, I can have a delicious bento with that! HUHU

And it was a great and fun experience. I always love talking about random stuff with the people who work hard for Tokyo Fashion. Got to meet Master Will Robb too!

Too bad Tavuchi from Spank! came late together with artist ShojonoTomo! I have school so.. next time, I want to hang out more with these creative minds!

And because I was such in a hurry, I left my Electric Blue stars (sounds like a Katy Perry song, haha) doc martens! Went home with a new pair of bowling shoes?!

Thanks Timu & Mori-san for keeping my shoes for me! See you guys and let’s trade shoes! : )))


A Regular Day of a Japanese Language Student in Tokyo

Since I gained a few pounds from last week’s overdose on carbs, I’ve been trying my best to eat healthy (and still delicious) food. Here’s wheat bread and vitamin jelly for.. BEAUTY? : ))

My desk one early morning in school.

I’m currently reading successful brand stories, hoping to get fresh insights. I’m not really much of a brand person, but I look up to these designers and brand managers.

From a magazine. Here are spring colors in cutest descriptions for you!

Please add cottoncandy blue? :”)

My shoes from Swimmer that I got for 1000 yen only before!


Colorful days are ahead

I usually see this kind of kitkat from Narita Airport, so I was surprised to see a box of this available from a convenient store! A bit pricey but it’s rare, so Kaila must buy…

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Snow Adventure in Nagano

Phew~~! :fly: This will be my last overdue post for my winter vacation! I’M SO HAPPY HUHUHU  😥 It’s crazy that I’d always feel I should blog ASAP about what has happened… probably because I fear for my own memory loss? = ))

A few days ago, I had another 3-day vacation (it was paid so I had to go.. and only for ichiman or so)… and it was for skiing! Another check on my bucket list!   :blush:

I went together with some of my classmates from school. It’s amazing how Bunka’s private rest house/hotel looks sooooooo different during winter and mid-summer! Here’s my entry from the past.


Photos from Yoko <3



Me and Leen wearing Panda hats from Yoko-chan ~

Asians combined! hehe

Late birthday present from my Leen! Such a sweet friend!


stop-overs are always fun  :peace:

Pocky is my bus buddy.. that was 4 long hours!

Interesting star-shaped omiyage I found in a place where we had our lunch :O

I will replace this handy digicam with a white Nikon 1 J1 or V1… before 2012 ends!

Pile of snow that was waiting for us…

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Bunka School Festival x Shibuya Friday Night with Tokyo Fashion

This week was so eventful that I think all I learned from my teachers have disappeared @___@ A sudden 1-week vacation from Nihongo is bad for my brain!!

It was the much-anticipated Bunka Sai and it was my first time to witness a Japanese-style school fair! Too different from what we have in the Philippines!

Just a random mix of all sorts of fabric awesomeness (spot the clouds!!)


Went with Leen and Tina-san to a store practicum by students themselves..

Wools of cuteness

Works by students

Super cute dress with stuffed toys!!

Imagine the hard work one must exert here…

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