Sukajan Cat + Japonista Sole Rebrand + Little Inkplay Shop + Other Work Updates

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Just sharing some work-related updates this week! 🙂

sukajan cat copy

ChiChi created this super cute Sukajan Cat artwork for Japan Lover Me Store. We’ve just uploaded 25 new designs from our inventory, please check them out if you have time!

japonista sole copy

Currently rebranding Japonista Sole, the original Ninja Kicks that the team designed years ago.

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The New Rainbowholic Shop!

Just a quick update on Rainbowholic blog~

I just figured I haven’t blogged about my recently relaunched (and still under construction) website at !  :blank:

This website took me almost two weeks to finish! Had to insert this while doing work duties & meetings. But nevertheless, after sleepless nights, I’ve done it!! Yay!

Because everyone loved the platform sneakers I was offering on my shop, I decided to sponsor two pairs of platform sneakers!

Make sure to join, alright? ^^v

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