Learn Japanese Online with Cafetalk! ☕

Hi everybody!

Today, I’m going to share something that you guys might be interested in!

If you are someone who wants to practice his/her Japanese conversational skills and it’s hard for you to find a really good / fun / professional teacher online, then Cafetalk might be something that you’d want to check out. You can also learn other languages / subjects in this platform!

Just to disclose, Cafetalk actually sponsored me to make this post. I don’t recommend any service / company until I have tried out the service many times. They gave me 4 tickets to try and I was able to have 3 lessons in 2 weeks! My goal with Cafetalk is for me to be able to practice my current Nihongo speaking skills (as it has becoming rusty again due to lack of practice) and to ask help and advice from my tutor when it comes to writing my journal in Japanese.

You’d be surprise to know about this because of the fact that I live in Japan (that I should be fluent by then, huhu) and the fact that all of my work places require me to speak in English (in my English school, cannot say any word in Nihongo.. even ね!haha) and Filipino… it’s hard to practice my Nihongo on a regular basis. Talking to the cashier does not count, haha! When I go home and create content, I communicate with you all in English when I write. I have a Japanese boyfriend .. but our main language is English. My English really leveled up here in Japan, instead of Nihongo… I am probably making excuses (lol) but anyway, I thought that I should still push myself in mastering this third language even if I get 1000x busy.

Say hello to Miki Sensei, haha!

My aim for this blog entry is to inspire you to learn Japanese / any language / anything.. online!

.. and here are the many things that you can learn using Cafetalk.

Me is shookt haha they have fortune telling?! :O Anyway.. so here is what happened during my lessons first. I’ll show you guys the entire lesson flow when you scroll down much farther, haha.

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