#Reese1stAlbum + AshleyDy.com + Littlest People Calendar by LMP + Dolly Kaye’s Alice in Wonderland Collection + More!

Hello everybody!

Before I go to sleep, I’d like to share these events / works by my friends! 🙂

Reese 1st Album Arigato Internet

Reese, one of the original founding members of Kawaii Philippines + our resident kawaii musician / kawaii sushi, will be having her FIRST album launch this December 6!

Click here for the complete details. To RSVP, here’s the official fb event page.

Huhuhu, I wish I could be there! :((( You are so lucky, Manila people!!

A Song About Space 

From dancing along to nursery rhymes to being begrudgingly dragged by my family to the karaoke machine, and after years of being a closet singer-songwriter in high school… I’m finally ready to release my first (self + friends-produced) record!

Date: December 06, 2015 (Sunday)
Venue: Green Sun, 2285 Chino Roces Ave Extension, Makati City (@greensunph)
Time: 4 pm to 10 pm

There will be:

Snackssss, intergalactic ice cream, DIY booths, an Instax booth, live calligraphy & illustration, a ukulele tutorial station, stickers, temporary tattoos, and MORE ♥ Exclusive Reese merchandise (umm, Grammar Nazi pins, zines, ++ more, anyone?) available in very limited quantities.

Please come! That’s a Sunday guys! BRING YOUR WHOLE FAMILY, it will be a fun, chill, feel-good event even your cranky lola will enjoy. I guaranteeeee!

Twitter, IG, Snapchat: @reeseypeasy
FB: http://fb.com/reeselansangan
Youtube: http://youtube.com/reeselansangan

AshleyDy.com – L’essential ♡

ashley dy

My dear friend Ashley has recently relaunched her blog (www.ashleydy.com)!

Dreamy Japan photos, personal thoughts, travels… 

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How to Build a Kawaii Community + School of Kawaii Workshop #2

Hello everybody!

For today’s post, I will share some tips and secrets on how to start a kawaii community from scratch and how to build it with like-minded friends and supporters.

We started to promote “Kawaii” aggressively last 2013 during Kawaii in Manila 1: The First Ever Kawaii Lifestyle Workshop in the Philippines. It was made possible because we worked as a team and did wonders with what we only had that time. There was a demand for a community to be set up so even if we weren’t fully prepared for it (as we have personal obligations / own work frustrations lol), we still did our best to relaunch “kawaii.ph” and broadcasted our goals about spreading “kawaii” from Luzon, to Mindanao (the 3 island groups of Philippines). You can backtrack all my posts that are about Kawaii Philippines using this tag. Like you, I am still in awe on how this movement has solidified its once visions and dreams right from Day 1. If there is one word to best describe what is happening with Kawaii PH right now,… it would be unstoppable. And I’m not exaggerating at  all. *_*

Everyday is overwhelming!! *_*



Grabbed these kawaii photos on instagram!

Thank you @naomeoww, @amaya_entl, @vanessaleuterio, @lovenyape, @rootedinvanity, @kyuutkat, @justine_chantelle, @lucypopjapan!

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How “OurKawaii.Tokyo” started and a story about friendship

Hello everybody!

I’ve finally settled down a bit and can now write about how “OurKawaii.Tokyo” idea started, developed, and materialized into a reality.

This will be quite a lengthy narration because this is also about friendship between two Kawaii fangirls.

Initially, we just wanted to compile all our gathered information we both have (since we love sharing and blogging) into one self-published Japan Travel Guide Book. I guess we are the type of people who would rather start basic / on our own than to wait for an invitation / or opportunity to write a book by a publisher / producer / etc. We have our content, our passion, and we know a little bit of everything (which is enough to jumpstart one).. so if we combine together, anything would be possible! Since we are into kawaii and we basically breathe in and out this lifestyle through our unique kind of self-expression (whether it’s fashion / photography / projects).. of course, Ashley (Candy Kawaii Lover) & I instantly “clicked”.

I knew that I would love working with this gal when she, without hesitation, believed in Japan Lover Me (which turned 3 years this April!) by responding enthusiastically to my intent of having her as our contributor. I was just a starting founder & pure JapanLover then, and I was pooling people and pitching my ideas. It is natural to be rejected by some especially when “you have nothing to offer back” that is why it is more admirable when people believe in you, and help you with genuine hearts without expecting so much. I’ve reached out to a lot of people, and some would be just polite to respond with a smile / emoticon / thumbs up.. and some would just seenzone you. That’s why I vowed to myself that every person who saw greatness in what little I could “show off” and “present” that time, I would do my best to raise them too (even if they don’t need it) as I grow and grow and my projects / ideas prosper.

I love working with Ashley because she’s very easy-going yet professional at the same time, and always game for crazy ideas! And this is our crazy idea: Our Kawaii Tokyo.

We are starting small, but of course, we are a dreaming big with this one. eBook, actual book, travel opportunities as a duo… we’ll get there. : )

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