Strawberry-picking Time + Neko Neko Kaira + My Sakura Love

HALLUUUUU Rainbowholic friends <3 I’m almost typing this blog entry half-asleep.. hopefully I’ll make it until the end, haha~ ^^

I really love how last week happened. So productive, fun and memorable! Even though I’m 80% just by myself (my brother / “boss” went to Manila for business / vacation).. I’m really having the best days. It feels like an incubation time for my silly brain and I + my new long-term project is always making me excited! 😀 Just a few more weeks guys, and “we” are gonna launch it! *wink*



Last week, JL姉ちゃん invited me to go strawberry-picking with her family & friends! I forgot where it was (I am always forgetful when it comes to names ugh) but it was an hour drive away from Saitama.

I’m really digging the “kawaii touch” simple look these days. I don’t go overboard with accessorizing anymore haha~

Wore the simple heart tights + added autographed Domo to the complete coordinate 😀

For about 1,500 JPY (i think), we had the whole day for unlimited strawberry-picking. We had to eat everything inside though.

Ichigo, ichigo~

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