Kawaii Market 2016 by Kawaii Philippines + Japan Lover Me Updates + Kawaii / Passion Blog Plugs!

Good morning from Japan! おはようございます!

Before I start today’s long list of work, let me just share some updates from Kawaii Philippines, JapanLover.me, Japan Lover Me Store and Cardcaptor Sakura Club! Will be plugging some kawaii blogs by my friends who recently relaunched / redesigned their websites. If you need some kawaii / passion inspiration, definitely visit their sparkling blogs!


This coming summer, Kawaii PH Team + Kawaii PH Store Team are cooking something for the kawaii artists & crafters! We’re still finalizing the details about this event but we’ll surely flood you with announcements next month! : )

Japan Lover Me Kawaii Little Miss Paintbrush

ChiChi also revamped Japan Lover Me’s facebook page… and it just keeps on getting cuter and cuter!

Of course, it’s been ChiChified! :))

JAPAN LOVER ME Kawaii Japanese Culture

Thanks twin for all the great kawaii work! : )

sukajan skajan souvenir jacket japan lover me store

ChiChi also came up with idea of her characters wearing Sukajan designs from Japan Lover Me Store!

So brilliant, right?!

sukajan skajan souvenir jacket japan lover me store2

For more info about the Sukajan designs / jackets, click this link!

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How to Build a Kawaii Community + School of Kawaii Workshop #2

Hello everybody!

For today’s post, I will share some tips and secrets on how to start a kawaii community from scratch and how to build it with like-minded friends and supporters.

We started to promote “Kawaii” aggressively last 2013 during Kawaii in Manila 1: The First Ever Kawaii Lifestyle Workshop in the Philippines. It was made possible because we worked as a team and did wonders with what we only had that time. There was a demand for a community to be set up so even if we weren’t fully prepared for it (as we have personal obligations / own work frustrations lol), we still did our best to relaunch “kawaii.ph” and broadcasted our goals about spreading “kawaii” from Luzon, to Mindanao (the 3 island groups of Philippines). You can backtrack all my posts that are about Kawaii Philippines using this tag. Like you, I am still in awe on how this movement has solidified its once visions and dreams right from Day 1. If there is one word to best describe what is happening with Kawaii PH right now,… it would be unstoppable. And I’m not exaggerating at  all. *_*

Everyday is overwhelming!! *_*



Grabbed these kawaii photos on instagram!

Thank you @naomeoww, @amaya_entl, @vanessaleuterio, @lovenyape, @rootedinvanity, @kyuutkat, @justine_chantelle, @lucypopjapan!

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