Hanami with Abbey 🌸 + Start of Our Hobonichi Adventures 💕

Hi everybody!

Here’s an extremely long overdue post from last Spring~ 🌸

abc x rainbowholic sakura spring 2016 japan 80

The start of my hobonichi craze!

abc x rainbowholic sakura spring 2016 japan 11

Hello cherry blossoms, I miss you!

abc x rainbowholic sakura spring 2016 japan 30

abc x rainbowholic sakura spring 2016 japan 8

Let’s start with the narration, shall we? 🙂

abc x rainbowholic sakura spring 2016 japan 1

Went to Tokyo (Harajuku & Shibuya) with Abbey~

abc x rainbowholic sakura spring 2016 japan 2

Snapped some kawaii photos while window shopping ~

(If you don’t want to spend on it, just take a photo of it haha. Words of wisdom from me)

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Japan Lover Me Turns Three + Cute Dino Goods+ Japan Spring Adventure Preview

Hi everyone!

Just taking a break from today’s work duties. Taking a break = blogger mode on, haha!

If you’ve been following my snaps (rainbowholic.me), you would know how I’ve become so (overly) attached to my hobonichi.

I think that this hobonichi activity has become my regular stress-reliever. Everyday, I respond to many emails and messages (mostly to answer clients’ inquiries / to disseminate tasks within my team) and I would easily get overwhelmed by everything happening all at the same time. I’ve realized that allowing myself to have a downtime (and just be myself, doodling my dreams on papers and designing the pages with washi tapes lol) is actually a good creative exercise. : ) You guys should also try it! Add more color to your day ~


It’s amazing how a simple work day like today (and mind you, it was stressful haha) became much more interesting with this simple form of leisure!


I bought some Gudetama stickers / washi tapes when I went to Sanrio Puroland before.. and I’m so happy that I finally get to use these for a personal project! 😀


God of Kawaii Zen lol

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Sakura-themed Goods & Food in Japan + Kawaii Market 2016!

Hi all!

Before I share all the cherry blossom goodness, let me just plug this big event by Kawaii Philippines this month!

Kawaii Market 2016 official poster-vertical

See you this April at the cutest arts and crafts mini-bazaar in the country this year: Kawaii Market 2016!

Come and show your support to local kawaii artists and crafters~! Entrance is only 50 php!!! ✨

💖 Kawaii Philippines’ KAWAII MARKET 2016 is an arts and crafts bazaar that aims to highlight the creativity and craftsmanship of Filipino artists and crafters who are also enthusiasts of the kawaii culture. 💖

A percentage of the total proceeds will be donated to a chosen foundation. 💗

RSVP hereEvent website

Art by Little Miss Paintbrush


Sakura, sakura, sakura!

Here’s a collection of some sakura-themed merch / noms I’ve spotted during the season! If you’re in Japan / Tokyo right now, hope that you find this useful!

I’ve also included some photos of me and my friends during our mini trips outside Saitama.


Sakura icecream from Edo Tokyo Open Air Museum!


Scene at Koganei Park!


Sakura selfie with Reese, Abbey, Gil and Justin!


Thanks Abbey for capturing this!




Visited Yoyogi Park with Abbey and wore my Sakura nike!


So pretty up close!

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