The Island Life in Boracay (Day 1 & 2)

Hi friends!

After a long day at work, I can finally blog about our Boracay trip last Summer!

Here’s a recap of what happened. Do read Chichi’s comprehensive / detailed blog post here and here about our entire vacation! 😉

DSCF3296 boracay day 2

DSCF3238 boracay day 2

DSCF3216 boracay day 2

White sand!

DSCF3316 boracay day 2

DSCF3196 boracay day 1

DSCF3221 boracay day 2

With my kawaii sisters (from another set of parents, haha) ~

DSCF3363 boracay day 2

DSCF3272 boracay day 2

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Cherry Blossom Forecast 2015 + Sakura Kaila by Little Miss Paintbrush

Ohayou Gozaimasu from Japan!

Another quick blog update before I’m off to do today’s long list of errands~ *_*


Surprise Kawaii Gift art from Little Miss Paintbrush. I really love my hairstyle here, haha!

“I-just-woke-up-where’s-my-hairtie” hairstyle. : )) Arigachu twinnn!

sakura team

Cardcaptor Sakura Club admins fan art by Jenni! Thank you Jenni for drawing the three of us! :”)


cherryblossoms.jpg hinamatsuri.jpg

Signs of spring ~ yay! :”) BYE EXTREMELY COLD WEATHERRRR *brrr*

Also, Hinamatsuri / Doll festival / Girls’ day was a huge event! Even 7-eleven Japan was selling these kawaii cakes!

hinamatsuri.jpg purple-house.jpg


I can’t wait to take more photos of cherry blossoms this season!! :”)

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Rainbowholic Cafe Dream Collaboration with Aya & ChiChi

Remember the “Rainbowholic Cafe” dream I’ve been telling about since last year (or maybe also a few years ago)?

My bestfriend since childhood who is an awesome Professional Interior Designer (Aya!),

 Little Miss Paintbrush (twinnie ChiChi / Kawaii Illustrator!) and I…

will be collaborating to make this dream (a huge step) closer to reality!

I just want to share this 3D concept my bestfriend sent to me weeks ago.

I’m sharing our plans openly because I want you guys to witness everything as we make it real in the Philippines / Japan / whole wide world, haha.

For the meantime, watch out for the virtual kawaii cafe we will be creating! 

Let’s have tea and rainbow cakes together, wherever you are from.


Rainbowholic: From Japan To The World!

OMGGGGG I’M FINALLY DONE WITH THE SPANKING NEW LAYOUT inspired by Rainbowholic Ruckus Parade in Harajuku!!  :happy:

Please scroll down everyone because there’s a surprise at the bottom! Hihihi~

If you happen to encounter bugs here and there, please ignore those first because I will be tweaking some codes again. HUHUHUHUHUHU I’m just so happy that it’s all 98% finished! It’s so hard to code everything on your own.. ;_;

 (Watch the video here   :33: )

Me and my lollipop girls~

All the awesome drawings you see here were  illustrated by my favorite artist friend, ChiChi / Little Miss Paintbrush!

Thank you twinnie for working with me!! You are the best seriously huhuhu the world needs to witness more of your talent and creativity!


Quick blog update is quick but here’s a teaser for my HALLOWEEN giveaway!! Make sure to check Rainbowholic’s Facebook page these days. I will post the contest mechanics there~ ^^v