My Pink Shibazakura Dream in Chichibu, Saitama

Hi friends! 🙂

I’m so inspired to blog, create, and share these days and here I am once again taking full advantage of this unusual state of mine. Haha! Is this the effect of facebook detox?!

(FYI, I have deactivated my personal FB and I still have no plans to go back yet haha)..

DSCF2054 hitsujiyama park shibazakura chichibu saitama

Let me share these photographs I took when I went on a journey to Chichibu during the end of April. It was certainly a dream come true for a flower enthusiast like me! 🙂 If you plan to go to Japan (Kanto region), a trip to Saitama prefecture is highly recommended! I originally wanted to go to Mt. Fuji to see the Shibazakura (pink moss) but I didn’t want to risk and get disappointed by the disappearing Fuji-san. Also, I’ve been so interested in exploring Saitama! So many trees, parks, and wonders of nature here!

DSCF2071 hitsujiyama park shibazakura chichibu saitama

DSCF2085 hitsujiyama park shibazakura chichibu saitama

I didn’t expect that I would be welcomed by cherry blossoms that day.

The sakura flowers had already fallen in our area during the same time.. so imagine my surprise! I was so delighted!

DSCF2154 hitsujiyama park shibazakura chichibu saitama

DSCF2064 hitsujiyama park shibazakura chichibu saitama

DSCF2017 hitsujiyama park shibazakura chichibu saitama

A perfect me-time adventure wouldn’t be complete without a matching kawaii Japanese souvenir jacket from JLM Store. ^^

DSCF2129 hitsujiyama park shibazakura chichibu saitama

Here’s a preview! Scroll down below and tag along with me as I tour you with my photos! ^^


DSCF2016 hitsujiyama park shibazakura chichibu saitama

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Chichibu Kogen Bokujo’s Red Carpet of Poppy Flowers (秩父のポピー)

Hello everyone!

Today, I went on a spontaneous adventure to Chichibu once again! It was actually my third time visiting Chichibu, also known as the home of the famous icicles & shibazakura. Currently, I’m on a mission to spend my “soulful” sundays alone to discover more beautiful parks & sceneries here in Saitama and its neighboring prefectures. ^^ It’s funny how I’ve changed so much over the years. Before, I would prefer going to Tokyo / Harajuku / Shibuya for the kawaii cafes and such (I’m still into cute culture of course) but now, the grandma in me would tell Kaila to just have a kawaii zen day, lolol. Your priorities in life really change when you age, hahaha.

I was actually having second thoughts whether I should run / jog as usual but my soul was craving for some nature / trees / flowers since last week…. so this adventure was ought to be fulfilled haha. I felt like I had to follow my inner voice even though my bed was hugging me so tight earlier this morning. XD

Anyway, let the photos do the narrating~! Enjoy!

DSCF4690 chichibu poppy flowers 2016 saitama


Unfortunately, there were no food vendors in the area. I was looking for a softcream / icecream stall! :))

My 2-yr. old icecream umbrella from swimmer should replace for now, haha!


When on a journey in Japan, you must always bring folded sheets of paper with you! Stamp rally activities by JP train stations are just too fun!!

If you can’t find the stamp corner, just ask the train staff: “Eki stampu wa doko desu ka? (where is the train stamp?)” hehehe


I always find it fascinating how these train engineers operate the train. So effortless!

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Dreamy Shibazakura Heaven at Chichibu, Saitama

Hello everybody!

Here are some photos from last weekend.

Enjoy! ^^


Last Saturday, I had a solo trip to Chichibu, Saitama. Ever since I saw photos of Shibazakura (Pink Moss) in the internet, I’ve always wanted to visit such pink heaven! Unfortunately, for the past 4/5 years here in Japan, I wasn’t able to do so (reason = TIME ;_;).

Though I came quite early (the park just opened last April 15/16, I think), seeing the abundance of the pretty shibazakura .. I was so stunned! The place doesn’t even look like real! *_*

Anyway, before I go and show all the photos, here are some ~artsy~ photos I took during my “journey”, haha!


Went to Omiya station to ride the Takasaki Line (local) for Kumagaya. From Kumagaya, I took the Chichibu line.. and unexpectedly, I got to ride a pretty limited express train!

Bonus: There weren’t soooo many people!


Travel essentials! Say hi to my newly baptized cute dino bag by Hedda.


How cute is this train?? And in my favorite shade of blue?

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The Icicles of Misotsuchi (三十槌の氷柱) at Chichibu, Saitama

Hello 皆さん!

Last weekend, I had a spontaneous adventure with Justin at Chichibu, a city located in Saitama prefecture. We went to see the beautiful Icicles of Misotsuchi! It was my first time to see icicles in real life. *_*

One of my 2016 goals is to explore the place I call “home” (for almost 5 years) here in Japan. I also want to introduce these places in Saitama through my photos & blog entries. Luckily, Justin and I have the same hobby / passion over Japan travel and taking photos (after all, he’s a professional photographer.. and I’m the pretentious one, haha!).. so yay, I got to tag along with him this time! :)) We just talked about this maybe just 12 hours before the trip, haha! And based on his research, last weekend would be the last for the icicle viewing / “light up”. I’m not so sure about this, though! ^^

Photo 2-13-16, 3 35 41 PM icicles of misotsuchi chichibu saitama

Overall, our journey was fun and a bit stressful at some point. :)) Stressful because I mainly just followed him & just contributed a little bit of my (poor) navigational skills, haha. I think that my role was to be the overly optimistic / annoying adventure travel partner. He is better at reading maps / figuring out where to head to.. while me on the other hand, quite the opposite, haha! I’m more of a “whatever goes” person :)))

Photo by

It’s amazing how the Japanese would even think of installing “lights” for travelers here! Genius idea, right? 😀



Anyway, let me take you with us in our adventure with these photos & captions below! 😉

DSCF6225 icicles of misotsuchi chichibu saitama

DSCF6208 icicles of misotsuchi chichibu saitama

Spotted a rare KitKat flavor (Japanese Sake, anyone?!) at a random food stall while waiting for our train.

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