Hobonichi Updates + Meeting Annika + My First “Hello” 🌈

Hi everyone!

Finally, I have some time to update and write something personal (scroll down below to the bottom part to read haha). I’ve been waiting for this day since last week, haha! I should be fixing some stuff right now as I’m doing a general apartment cleaning.. but..  that can wait. I really need to unload many thoughts from my brain, haha.

Moreover, I’ve been really busy preparing for JLM-STORE.com-related work and I’m going to announce a very important / special thing soon! So please look forward to it! ; )

Before I write down my thoughts, here are some updates I’ve done in my other social media outlets, haha.


Hobonichi Techo (ほぼ日手帳) + ABC Daily Journal (November 2016) Flip-Through 🍁


Current work-in-progress: Rainbowholic TV trailer + Opening Intro!


I finally mustered up enough courage to film and publish this first “face-to-face” video, haha!

If you are curious about how I speak irl, this is the video, lolol~

Hi there, I’m Kaila! ★ Japan, Kawaii Dreams & Creative Passions 🌈 ]


How fitting this quote is! Thanks Abbey for the reminder 🙂

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Japan Lover Me Store Office BTS

Hello everybody! Good morning from Japan! : )

Just posting a quick photospam update of our current JLM situation here in our newly acquired space / office for Japan Lover Me Store! 😀



Did you know that you can get original Sanrio / kawaii character goods in “loots” from our store?

The initial concept was inspired by the “Fukubukuro” / “Lucky Bag” season here in Japan.

However, the contents are already revealed. You can check  some of our offerings here.

More coming soon at our official online webstore! ^_^


Kawaii Baby Chisa <3

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Happy Squirrel Chisa + Totoro & Pikachuuu~ ♥

Just a quick update that will definitely make you smile and squeal because of cuteness! Hihihi~  :pink:


Last month or so, my baby niece Chisa recently launched her own blog. I am actually training her to become a blogger.. haha, just kidding! 😀 Chisa is growing up so fast and we love documenting every moment of it.. because she’s that adorable ;_;

( BTW.. it’s really hard to blog using a baby’s perspective, just saying =)) )

www.happysquirrel.me  :peace:

Of course, graphics by our favorite kawaii illustrator, ChiChi!


Because all of us love Totoro, my brother finally gave in and bought this Totoro bed from eBay.. *for Chisa..

Who later transformed into a..

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