Pancakes with Friends + #Rainicorn Dream Date in Harajuku + Reminiscing Bunka Days with Leen

Hello! こんにちは!

Here’s a super overdue post from December last year! : )

DSCF1405kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Prepare for a kawaii overload!

DSCF1588kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Shinjuku in its golden glory.

DSCF1385kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku


DSCF1335kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Kawaii Christmas snack packs from SWIMMER

DSCF1367kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Pompompurin Cafe curry, my absolute fave!

DSCF1676allie laura coffee pancakes tokyo

Starbucks weekend with friends : )


Received a super adorable New Year’s card from the creative duo Lando & Allie. They made this! *_*

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Rusty Braids + Coffee Prince & Toppokki in Shin Okubo, Tokyo

Went to school wearing my favorite shade of blue, 水色 (mizu iro / sky blue). I love how it matches well with my rusty one-piece which I got on sale!


Here’s a brooch which I made : )


Hello, my chubby cheeks!

A Waffle and Macha Lunch

Right after our third class, my groupmates and I went straight to Shin Okubo, a station away from Shinjuku (Ikebukuro direction). If you’ve been reading my blog way before, you know that I have gone to this Korean crazy town of Tokyo already. I love this madness.

The ever famous Yamanote line in its apple green trademark color!

We first went to コーヒープリンス for a Cafe & Waffle lunch! This coffee shop is famous for ikemen waiters! A.k.a. Jang Geun Suk look-a-like’s or something like that~

Sunflowers greeted us!

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