Hello Spring ? + Sukajan x Dinosaur Shoot + Midori Journaling Date ?

Hi everybody!

Here are some photos from my everyday life! Enjoy the entry ~

Gave myself a treat and ate this matcha roll cake from Nana’s!

The prettiest plum blossoms. Thanks neighbor!

Sharing some photos from our Japan Souvenir Jacket shoot.

Many thanks to Kathryn for coming up with this idea!

To my friends Allie, Emika and Anne, thanks for being game!

Thank you Sabrina for helping us out!

Everybody was so fun to work with!

Emika, Allie and Sabrina

If you are into Japan travel photography, give her account a follow and you will love her!

~ @kitsunekun ~

Walking around Ueno + Yakult corner in a random kombini store

Finally got to redeem my stationery haul gift from Justin! Thank youuu Jazuuu!

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Lucy Pop x Rainbowholic Kawaii Girl Uniform Collaboration – COMING SOON!

Hello everyone! Good morning!  :blush:

Hooray, it’s a saturday, haha! ~

Just wanna share these photos we took (when I was still in Japan) for the ongoing Lucy Pop x Rainbowholic kawaii girl uniform promotion! 🙂


Kawaii Girl Uniform

We will be launching officially the uniform in Kawaii in Manila 2! <3

Seeing my logo next to Lucy Pop Japan.. TT_TT


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Rainbowholic x Lucy Pop “Kawaii Girl” Uniform Collaboration!

Hello guys!

This is just a quick update~ :”)

I know that many will be surprised by this news..

But I will be collaborating with Lucy Pop (a popular kawaii Japanese brand!), to design the “Kawaii Girl” (not kawaii schoolgirl..^^) uniform!!

LucyPop team and I just had a meeting regarding the design a few days ago!  :blush:

I’m actually nervous because I don’t know if kawaii girls would like it.. but, I hope you / they will!

And OF COURSE.. it will be made of Japanese quality..! 😀 (Japan quality = the best!)

I will keep you guys posted about this!

I also have tons of projects right now with my creative team and I can’t wait for these to launch!



The JapanLover.me x ENJI Accessory Collaboration

Hello Rainbowholic readers~ hello hello hello~!  :yay:

It’s past 4:00 am already and I’m still wide awake. ChiChi and I have been sleeping like owls recently… (maybe our body clock is the same with Mishie‘s ??? She’s based in NY btw)!! So much passion for  JapanLover work, wooops~! : )))

Speaking of JapanLover.me

I’d like to dedicate this blog entry just to showcase the upcoming collaboration between quirky-kawaii accessory brand ENJI (read Anggy’s feature here) and Japan Lover Me that we have been preparing for months! I cannot thank Anggyちゃん of ENJI for working with us! I never expected that our ~online relationship~ from last year (hahaha omg Anggyyy huhuhuhu I feel like we’ve been through so much haha *clingy*) would bear creative projects + friendship across the miles + amazing work partnership!!   :star: It started with sponsored accessories for my Hanazuki / Amsterdam trip .. and then now, we are partners! HUHUHUHU *cyber hugs Anggy*  😥

Ever since I got to know about Enji + super creative & hardworking Anggy‘s Japanese dream, I knew that someday we would create something people would appreciate & love . Anggy’s one of the few people I told about JapanLover.me (read our story here) way back in January.. we exchanged tons of emails / facebook messages and brainstormed together for each piece despite the distance (she’s from Indonesia by the way). Even though JapanLover.me was just 30% done, she greatly believed in my / our team’s vision about JapanLove. This is why you could say that I’m a bit emotional (omg whaaat haha) right now as I type & arrange this blog entry to present to all of you what we had been passionately working on for all Kawaii, Cool & Otaku JapanLovers!  :yay: Yes, I’m emotional with that kind of emoticon… hehehe..  :nod:


Cherry Blossoms  :star:

☆ ENJI  Online Shop | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr ☆


Cranes and すき。

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