My Own Little World

Hi everyone!

Here’s a little sneak peek of a room tour video I will be uploading soon on! It’s been a long time since I took photos using my favorite dslr. I super missed taking photos with the 50mm!

I woke up feeling extra “determined” today and finally, I’ve conquered my laziness, haha! *pats herself on the back*

DSC_1082rainbowholic atelier mini space

People often ask me where I get inspiration and motivation to create & do things.

In my opinion, if you just wait for inspiration to comeeee or just “wait for the right timing” to start whatever you’ve been wanting to do (a.k.a. the thing that you actually have control over).. that would just take so much time. >_< What if this day never comes? You’ll never know. For me, you have to create your own little world that would inspire you instead. You have to be proactive in life.  If you love cute things like I do and you feel like you should have outgrown the things that make you happy.. well, please do not think like that. Instead of hiding away those, you should surround yourself with more of those. In this way, inspiration & daily motivation will just come naturally. ^_^ Tried and tested, promise! 😉

Even if with so much work everyday, I try my best to make the most out of it by giving myself some “self-care”. My definition of self-care is having a regular outlet for me to express myself creatively.

DSC_1049 rainbowholic atelier mini space

At first, I thought that it would be too impossible for me to maintain an active youtube channel & keep my usual routine (exercising regularly, blogging, working in the company, etc.) but I realized along the way that the “success” of something really just depends on a person’s mindset (no matter how “busy” you get). It’s been a month or so since I’ve started creating video content & I didn’t really expect that I would love it so much + be consistent in it. Instead of making “time” my enemy (by thinking that I lack time), I befriended it and I adjusted my everyday pace. Now, time and I are the best of friends, lolol~

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