Recent Rainbowholic TV Updates

Hello everybody!

I’ve been uploading religiously since December and here are some of my current youtube updates! 🙂

January was a super eventful month for me. If you’ve been following me on twitter / instagram, you’ll know lol.

For this blog update, I’ll just share and plug my newest videos! 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy!

What’s Inside My Journaling Backpack ( 私のバッグの中身 ) | Rainbowholic ?

DAISO Japan 100 Yen Store Tour ( Sakura, Stationery, and MORE! ) | ダイソーの文房具

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Kaila’s Tips On How To Be Confident

Hello everyone!

Just want to share some tips / life hacks on how to feel confident about yourself by acknowledging your weaknesses & emphasizing more on your strengths.


Trust me, I used to be that girl who had major / minor insecurity issues & I also compared myself a lot with others (hence, “not feeling enough”)…. until I woke up one day and started to love myself more (cause I deserve it!) by treating le self better. <3

Let’s start!

  • Confidence starts with a smile. There are simply days when I just feel like crap and “smiling with teeth” (even if it feels forced) would always improve my mood. 😀
  • Posture makes a HUGE difference. If you are about to deliver a talk / presentation / meet someone (and you’re not feeling confident).. chin up, smile and straighten your posture. When I started to become more mindful about my posture, I began to feel like “I can conquer this situation“.. and I would always do. : )
  • Dress your best. If wearing that blazer or yellow shoes can elevate your mood & boost your self-esteem, go ahead! : )
  • Don’t mind what others tell about you when you know you are not hurting anyone. I’ve been told “childish” many times because I sport kawaii fashion in my lifestyle… I just shrug off those nonsense comments because I believe what I’m doing is meaningful. And there’s nothing wrong to be kawaii & an achiever of life at the same time hihi ^^
  • It’s tempting to compare your whole life/ failures + achievements and the like with others but resist it. Comparison is the thief of joy and when you’re unhappy, you’d feel less confident about yourself. So… don’t compare your amazing self with other amazing people. <3
  • Reduce complaints / whining and focus more on how you can better a situation. Complaining how you can’t lose the extra fats will not make those extra fats disappear. Commitment to exercising does. People who’d always complain about their life situation are usually the ones who don’t feel too good about themselves (and some are unaware ;_;). Avoid to become one of those.. and if you feel that you are guilty of this, try with your best effort to cease the unnecessary complaints. Life will be so much better & positivity will start to flow in your life. You just have to allow yourself to become more open-minded + “solution driven” rather than stay as “problem driven”.

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Girl Talk: How I Deal With My Insecurities

I have a slightly sad news for you.

There is going to be someone who is younger, fresher, more beautiful, brighter, more talented and skilled, richer, more attractive than you. She / He is way betterrrrr than you.

But I have a great news for you too as well.

It doesn’t matter. These other people don’t matter.


Because you have your own beautiful journey and they have their own. And we should focus more on our own, rather than feeling threatened by others.

For this blog entry, I will share about my personal story about the way I deal with my own insecurities… and maybe some tips on how to overcome those negative feelings.

I think that even the most confident people out there, at some point in their lives, have felt insecure about themselves. And yesss, I am one of those humans. 😀

I used to feel insecure about the way I spoke and wrote in English. I felt that I wasn’t competitive enough. I feared being interviewed on the spot and being ridiculed because of my accent and wrong grammar.

I used to feel insecure about my own God-given physical features. I found my hair to be too curly or too big. I wished I had a nose with a higher bridge. I wished I had cheekbones than squishy cheeks.

I used to feel really sad whenever I gain a pound or two. How can other people maintain their desired weight and at the same time, eat what they love? Lord, why so unfair? 🙁

I used to feel insecure about my brains / level of intelligence. All of my siblings passed the biggest universities and they were even granted scholarships. I failed a lot of tests and all of my scores were just passing / barely passing (hi math and technical subjects).

I used to feel insecure when I learned that I was already replaced by another girl by an ex-boyfriend before in months time. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough or my “best” wasn’t enough. What the hell was wrong with me?

I used to feel insecure about my ~work here in Japan. I feared that people might be thinking I’m a bum who goes to Harajuku everyday + takes kawaii snaps for her blog.. and I was just someone who has a generous brother who can support her lifestyle.

I had all of these negative feelings in my life before and I didn’t know how to deal with them.. until one day, I decided to make an effort for myself, and not for others. For the sake of overcoming ill feelings, and not for the sake of validation.

I didn’t come up with a one-time big-time solution. It was more of a journey of learning to love myself more, and accepting that I am indeed enough. That I should be more appreciative instead because my blessings had been overflowing… but I was too busy to pick on my negative traits.

I learned that by acknowledging my own weaknesses and having a conscious effort to improve myself (for myself), I could overcome my insecurities because .. I have accepted myself fully already.

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