How to Make a Japanese Cooking Party | Villeroy & Boch ?

Hi everybody!

For today’s lengthy blog post, I will be teaching you guys how to make a delicious & healthy Japanese-style spaghetti (“Wafu Pasta”)! Yay!

I know that many of you guys are surprised by this sudden cooking tutorial category on my blog (never thought I’d make one as well, lol) but it was just soooo timely because when the Villeroy & Boch team reached out to me to work together for the #vbclassics worldwide campaign, Aki & I were already conceptualizing on simple yet fun Japanese cooking videos for my youtube channel. The blogger challenge / task was: From old to new – style up your traditional table look by mix and matching old and new pieces from V&B! And you know me, I love challenges! ^^

Between the two of us, he cooks more than I usually do. I can only cook very basic meals that only I can eat for survival purposes.. seriously, haha! I even learned how to level up my pasta game after our mini cooking party session! :))

The star of this blog post is my very generous sponsor Villeroy & Boch. At first, I had to google how to pronounce the brand name and omg lol, it does really sound super sophisticated. I even watched a video to know a little bit of history about this brand (where it originated, started at year 1748, etcetera). It was so funny & coincidental because this is also the brand that Aki’s mom is using at their house (especially the glasses from the Old Luxembourg series, one of the oldest décors made by Villeroy & Boch). His mom told me that the set was gifted to her and I think that this may be a popular brand for tableware here in Japan.

When I’m in the mood for some food x self-care activity (hobonichi time!), I arrange food bought from a local grocery & recreate a cafe-style ambience in my little Japanese apartment. This is probably the only instagrammable corner at the moment, haha! Woops.


Villeroy & Boch Website | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

During the shooting day, Riria-chan (his niece) and Papi (their cute dog) stayed with us for our double-purpose mini cooking party !

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Rainbowholic TV + Japanese Cooking With Aki?! + Fitness Updates

Hi everybody!

It has been such an eventful week for me even if 80% of the time.. I just stayed at home, lol!

At the start of the week, I gave myself a personal challenge to upload at least one video per day. Not sure which video I will be uploading later but I hope I do get to finish it! crosses fingers

Anyway, here are some snaps from some recent events. Nothing big or super special, just appreciating my surroundings and sharing random things on my blog.

I literally ran when I saw this adorable Tokyo Sakura Tram. It was just around 3 years ago I think when I discovered there were trams in Japan. Lol.

And of course, had to take a snap of this Matcha aulait from Yakult brand. I think that any Filipino who would come across this drink would find this interesting haha!

Spent around 3 hours to film this *part* of my channel trailer. I feel like it’s a final project just like a major subject back in my Advertising management student days lol

VIDEO: Japan Travel Guide + Design Festa Vol. 46 | Hobonichi With Me (ほぼ日手帳) ??

Also, currently building this part of my website: Japan Travel Guide

VIDEO: Hobonichi With Me | Cardcaptor Sakura Drink Cooler From Ministop Japan + Bunny Stamps

VIDEO: My Simple Kawaii Makeup + Skincare + Hair Styling Routine ✩ 可愛いメイク ♡ 

VIDEO: Hobonichi With Me | Meet-up with Meg at Panda Town (Ueno, Tokyo) ? – ほぼ日手帳

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Slouc Cafe, Village Vanguard & Yuzawaya Saturday

I woke up and found out that it was raining. I love rain but during my days when I have to do something productive, I hate it. It always doubles my feeling of tiredness! :”(

I was supposed to go and support Kuma Miki‘s first fashion show for her brand, Party Baby and I wanted to see my friends from Tokyo Fashion… buttttt I had to listen to my tired body / brain so I just went home after my unwinding in Parco.

Here’s how I unwind during my stressful *Nihongo no Benkyou Dake* days (Japanese study only <– such a rough translation)..

I love Slouc Cafe. This place calms me and has the power to make me study with all the other highschool students studying around me as well.

Have to remember how to write & read 400+ kanji characters..

I usually order an Iced Cafe Latte. I tried out Bluebery and Soy Milk Shake! YUMMMMMMYYYY & HEALTHY!!

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Shimokitazawa, Taiyaki and Heart-shaped Macarons

This was one crazy and productive weekend! I was able to…..  do my chores without procrastinating, learn how to cook (thanks Claire’s cooking school!), meet with TokyoFashion/Caro/Harajuku Kids, try bellydancing in Megalos! All random things in TWO DAYS @____@

Went out wearing my favorite My Melody bag and a fuzzy jumper! I love how fluffy and curly my hair here. It kept me warm!

I actually didn’t go out with those platforms that have been sleeping so long in a cabinet here.. Just thought it would be a cuter outfit with this pair on! Hence the outfit shots.. hehe!

I just went out with my favorite leather brown boots you’ve been seeing me wearing in my photos.  :heart:

I met up with Caro from SweetStreets LA and accompanied her to one of her company’s artist’s (EIMI) gallery showing.

It was in Shimokitazawa, a very interesting place in Tokyo. I will go back there in daylight and take some snaps!

Above is Eimi‘s AMAZING artworkSSSSSS. Pink and orange <3

Who got lucky and was given free postcards??????? WAAAAA

Really cool place to chill and the artsy vibe is <3

After our ADVENTURE in Shimokitazawa, we headed straight back to Shibuya with awesome Eimi (and we were running like fools) for the Broken Doll concert.

Here is one of Tokyo Fashion’s snaaaaaaaapssss. Love the Harajuku kids crowd… and of course, Broken Doll’s music! If you remember one of my videos, they were featured here.



I was becoming more and more of a woman recently…

I’m taking cooking seriously! : )))))

For breakfast, I made some Taiyaki. Just like waffles but much cuter with the fish pattern.  :heart:

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