Kawaii Journaling + Brush Lettering + Stamp Carving Workshop in Japan

Hi everyone!

Finally, I get to blog about the first run of our creative workshop here in Japan! Yaaay!

It was such a fun Saturday afternoon with friends! Thanks all for coming 🙂

Hobonichi With Me | Kawaii Journaling + Brush Lettering + Stamp Carving Workshop in Japan

Gave out these ABC postcards as freebies since they serve as great daily reminders ~

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How To Make Creative Noise by Kaila Ocampo

Warning: Long introduction lolololol

I don’t know if I am legitimate enough to write tips for creatives out there (I’m a 23 yr. old with a face of a 16 yr. old, ladies and gentlemen) but people have been asking me for pieces of advice on how to promote their work / creative gig they are into (a.k.a. personal branding) effectively for whatever purpose they have in mind. If you are new to this page or you accidentally stumbled upon here, I would suggest you visit my creative portfolio to get to know me before you scroll down to this entry.. because I admit, my blog does look too girly and deceiving (?) I guess. :))

I think that in every aspect, especially when you are in the creative industry, personal branding is really important. As for me, my purpose with branding myself is get this equation right: work x play = enjoy life. I think that everyone has a unique talent.. but not everyone has realized that he/she does have that amazing potential in him/her. And I hope that by the time you finish reading this entry (don’t doze off, haha!).. you’ll learn something from my own learnings… that I had to make myself realize the hard way through real-life experiences.

When I decided to move to Japan for my language school + work under my brother’s new used-to-be one-man company, I was really a nobody here (I’d like to believe that I’m somebody now, though in forever Beta mode hehe.. and ). Everything was new to me and in the Japanese setting.. and I realized that here, nobody really gives a damn about your college degree (which is different from Philippines).. and I think I practically went back to zero despite having achievements from my college days. Although I  consider myself a go-getter and I like challenging myself, I am aware of my own shortcomings (okay write that down, tip #1, be fully aware of your shortcomings). Technically, I am not that bright. Because I couldn’t make myself become intelligent like those A-students who get 90%+ grades in math / science / other subjects that isn’t art-related lol.. I strived hard. I strived hard Kaila-style though. I would daydream and doodle my ideas on paper and envision my life xx years later.. and accidentally forget about the teacher / professor in front of me speaking in some language I found hard to comprehend (hi math, hi science, hi algebra, hi accounting, hi everyone who made my school life painful haha). My student life was enjoyable because of extra-curricular activities and friends. I love learning, but I’m more into a different kind of learning than the typical. Haha!

I remember myself writing down my dreams using multiply.com’s blog platform before. I wanted to become a creative director in an advertising agency. I was still in my sophomore year back then and was only studying general subjects so I didn’t know the responsibilities of being one. The “title” sounded cool and I wanted to be cool, lol. Actually, when I got here in Japan, I thought that it would just be those kind of dreams, you know, the hi-bye dreams. 2 years later, I never thought that I would make myself a creative director.

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