First Week in Japan + Kawaii, Peko, Pocky, Rilakkuma! + Cutest Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform “LucyPop”

Finally got the time to upload these photos~! It’s been two (or more??) weeks since I’ve returned to Japan.. and a LOT has happened already.  :what:

Energy, come to meeee..  :blank:

Arrived at Narita at almost 12PM? Tokyo had a snowstorm days before and many tourists got stranded in the airport.  :blank:

My brother and his family came to pick me up and my cousin (who will be working with us now!) <3


We weren’t able to get home straight and had a mini roadtrip instead…

Reuniting with my sis-in-law Claire and Chisa!

Of course, I missed POCKY the most!! Haha!

The King of All POCKY :O

Why coffee in Japan is so much cooler. Advertising, you are doing it right. Haha!


Had yummy sushi~

Japanese fashion magazines for inspiration <3

I was so surprised to see Peko x Hello Kitty collab!! AND GIANT RAINBOW POCKY!!

Another version from the first one I saw before..

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Last Random Hurrah for 2012 + Design Festa Cafe in Harajuku

HALUUUUUUU guyssss ;_; Did you miss me..? I hope you did because I also missed blogging + interacting with you guys :O :O  😥

Unfortunately, when I was in Manila.. it was very hard for me to update because of my internet connection (couldn’t handle my big images, haha) and I was having too much fun with my family and friends.. hehe. #guilty

I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to meet up with some people.. I think I met around 7-10 groups of friends / relatives in 3 weeks *_* And I got sick during my first days.. so it was really really crazy busy one for me! 🙂

It feels very refreshing to blog again after an impromptu holiday hiatus ^^v I think this way is better (than feeling pressured to blog durin vacation <– bloggers will understand this) because sometimes, we need to have a full taste of our lives without the internet. And boy, it sure was a delicious one for me! Just minus the last dramas of 2012, haha! 😛


As you guys probably know by now, I just turned 22 last January 3rd! :what:  When everyone was celebrating New Year, my real new year (haha) was actually days later , ahahaha:P

Thank you to my family, friends, readers for the best wishes for me during my special day. Even though it was quite a busy one, I had a great one because I got to spend it with my family. ^^ I shall report on that later… after I finish all the drafts I prepared during holidays #fail =))

Avalanche of delayed posts, スタト!! (start!!!)


Kawaii Nomnomnom + Meeting Random People

This day was probably the most random day in 2012.

A few days ago before my flight, my sis-in-law’s mother’s friends suddenly had a spontaneous vacation here in Japan. They are flight stewardesses so they get all the privileges of traveling (envy). :blank:  They were supposed to go to Bangkok for some shopping but they got bumped off and they needed to stay in Tokyo instead! :O It was so funny because my sis-in-law Claire wanted to celebrate her daughter’s 2 months and she wanted to prepare a big meal just for us (after our Costco) and little did we know we really had guests! Super random! :))

During their only whole day in Tokyo, we wanted to share the Japan shopping experience so we had a road trip all the way from Saitama to Tokyo.. for Harajuku. :”D


Brought some snacks for me during the ride~

Pocky matcha crush :O :O


Found this DIY your own Koara no Machi House in one of our stopovers. Haha so cute! ^^

Deco party!

My favorite corner in every kombini :))


Vocaloid cuteness x snack collabs


Kawaii jyanai?

Yummy yummy green tea soft cookies *_*

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Daily Life + I Love Food + Malling with Baby Chisa

Hello Rainbowholic readers~  :heart:

Gomen ne, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. ;_; For some reason, I don’t feel the same excitement when blogging unlike before.. hopefully this will just be a phase.  😥 *sigh*

To make-up for my slow blogging pace, here’s a kawaii spam you’ll all love.  :heart:

Rilakukuma, Kiiroitori and Chopper. Which is your fave?

Uwaaaaa~ :O :O :O

Chupa Chups drink in Ministop.. along with drinks I cannot have huhuhu.

Gallbladder y u like that 🙁 Milk triggers gallbladder attacks so I have to restrain myself so hard 🙁

Snacks at Ministop. I really love the Ministop branch near our place~ not so many people go there! It feels like a cafe for me, hehe.


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Oh My Dolly Kaila + Daily Rilakkuma + Cutest Sanrio Undies EVER!

Hello lovelies  :pink:

Here is just a quick post with randomaskfdfkgl photos + daily kawaii in my life~  :star:

I tried playing with make-up today for practice. I’m wearing circle lenses + Dolly Wink #1 eyelashes here!  :heart:

Next photos will be so random. : ))

Rilakkuma fridge magnets, yeyeyey!

I bought new futon covers (for my nonexistent futon) because I liked the design : )) Anything that has Rilakkuma on it is automatically “kawaii” in my eyes.

OMG, I received artworks from Panama-based Artist ANDI SOTO!

This has got to be the prettiest enveloped I’ve ever received!!! Good thing it survived its beauty all the way from Panama to my place!

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