Pokémon GO in Japan ? + Daily Cuteness ❤️

Hi everybody!

If you’ve been following me through my social media accounts, you would know what Pokemon GO has done to me so far… (hi, eyebags and sore feet). I went home yesterday night (or this morning ?? lol) with my cousin at 12:30 AM after spending 2 hours walking around the neighborhood to catch some pokemon haha. OMG ;_; These are really one of those things that make me want to persevere in life hahaha


My new inspiration to wake up extra early everyday: Pokemon Go Playtime :))

charmander-pokemon-go.jpg saitama-pokestop-pokemon-go.png

I remember the first time when I first opened the app! Best feeling in the world haha


Watch ✏️ #Hobonichi With Me x  Pokémon GO (ポケモンGO) ? video ~


I almost spent half of my Saturday just around our area. I didn’t want to spend nor go out of Saitama (been saving money) ~ so I would say that Pokemon GO is really perfect for grandma millenials like me :))

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Daily Life Updates + Our Kawaii Tokyo Survey + Takashi Murakami’s The 500 Arhats Exhibition

Hi everyone!

Today is Fridaaaaay (in Japan)! And that means, last day of work for this week! *confetti everywhere*

Just taking a break from making .gif promotions for Japan Lover Me Store. How I missed blogging, haha. It’s only been days since I last blogged but I’ve gotten so busy and engrossed in my work! :)) Productive-wise, I think that’s okay hahaha.


First off, just want to plug the ongoing Our Kawaii Tokyo survey we’re having!

We need more info about what our readers for our book project. One lucky respondent will receive this super pretty sakura / cherry blossom postcard I personally handpicked! 🙂



Just listed these cute Takashi Murakami flower plush cushions!


Felt suffocated inside the office so I decided to walk around the neighborhood. Went to 7-eleven to buy my favorite gyudon! 😀


Received my new set of business cards! Didn’t include my number / address in this one, haha.

This set was pre-designed at Zazzle! 🙂


My old iPhone case looks so overused already so I finally convinced myself to buy a new one. Just wanted a plain / simple one but LoFT ran out of iPhone 6 plus cases already :(( So I had to settle with this one. I think the quote is okay but.. it’s so deep ? :)) Anyway, I just want to protect my iPhone because I’m such a clumsy girl. This will do for now, haha!


Thought that this moment was too cute so I had to capture it. I still don’t know the name / makers behind those cute plushies, haha!

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Gudetama Snacks + Life Recently + Kawaii PH Store Garage Sale in Manila

Hello everybody!

Just sharing these photos I’ve taken from last week. I reaaaally want to blog as frequent as before but because of my workload + Nihongo benkyou.. it’s 無料だ (impossibru) huhu.


Gudetama snack loot from 7-eleven Japan. Thinking of making a Gutema snack loot product @ Rainbowholic Shop haha


Kawaii Blippo Shop sent me a super cute package last week. Can’t wait to review everything!

Also, there will be another Kawaii Giveaway! Please stay tuned! ^_^


Cute reindeer donut from Krispy Kreme Japan. Had this while waiting for my friends in Shinjuku.


Bye Rilakkuma… I’m now a 100% Gudetama fan convert! :)))

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