You Wormed My Heart (Not A Typo) + Kimono Date With Lirei In Tokyo

Hi everyone!

Here are just some recent life updates.

First of all, I got sick twice this month already because of the very moody cold weather. Please do pray that I won’t get sick anymore, huhu! I feel incomplete if I don’t upload enough youtube videos and getting sick does not help, yikes!  Gambatte, self! 

It’s been crazy these weeks and I’ve been juggling work, personal life, creative collabs all at the same time. Don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, huhu. Time.. where you at?! * cries * I have a greaaaat feeling I will hibernate and be an introvert after this month and just become an obaa-chan in Saitama. I haven’t been resting these past weekends too.. oops. >_<

Anyway, March is coming soon and I’m so excited because my dream to bring my parents here to see sakura / cherry blossoms / Mt. Fuji is about to come true! I can’t wait to tour Mami & Dadi ~

Okaay, I’ve typed too long already haha. Let’s finally start with the photo collages already, shall we?

I am so happy. Thanks <3 for all the gifts! These are great for my hobonichi videos, lolol!

Got to try the Sakura Blossom Cream Frappucino & Latte with friends! Both are yummy!

Hobonichi time

Random selfies + Sakura Raspberry Milk drink from Starbucks Japan

My ultimate favorites! Matcha icecream everyday, please.

Thank you Sponsor-san, lolol

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A Saturday In My Life (Film Photo Diary)

Hi everybody!

Just sharing these photos of my first roll of Fujicolor disposable camera. I actually tried this one before (years ago, when I first moved to Japan) and wowww, I REALLY missed the feeling of anticipating for the results! I bought another disposable camera after having these developed, haha!

Anyway, enough of babbling and let these photos do the narrating. Here’s a regular Saturday for Kaila (“meet-up in Tokyo edition, haha).

What I love most about Saturdays = I’m not required to wake up early (though I’m still up early, haha)!

Kaila Japan Life Film Fujicolor Fujifilm26

Grainy photo of my workspace.

Kaila Japan Life Film Fujicolor Fujifilm25

Out-of-focus Sakura haha

Kaila Japan Life Film Fujicolor Fujifilm24

This turned out so goood ~

Kaila Japan Life Film Fujicolor Fujifilm23

Thank you, Justin Japan!

Kaila Japan Life Film Fujicolor Fujifilm4

One of my favorites.

Kaila Japan Life Film Fujicolor Fujifilm3

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A Day In My Life

Headed to Harajuku this morning to do some field work and I brought my camera with me.

Here are some photos featuring my usual routine / places that I go to.

Enjoy the photos! ^^

DSCF7248 japan kawaii life

Been riding the bike these days to save time (and to exercise those muscle thighs lol).

DSCF7242 japan kawaii life

My faraway (haha) neighbor’s plum blossom tree is blooming~!

DSCF7245 japan kawaii life

Had to stop and take photos of it! I’m excited to see the tree all pink!

DSCF7244 japan kawaii life

DSCF7225 japan kawaii life

Everyday scenes

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