Reunited With My College Friends! + Taiwan Kawaii Travel Diary

Hello everybody!

It’s been a week since my Taiwan trip with my univ friends and IT WAS SUCH A BLAST waaaaah ~

We planned this entire trip since late 2015 and finally, it happened! Why does it feel like I just dreamt about it??? *_*

*currently missing everyone*

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Thank you Patrik for this photo!

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I can’t wait to blog the entire series! 

If you are thinking about exploring Asia, Taiwan is definitely one of my recommended countries. If you are a Studio Ghibli / kawaii fan, then you will definitely LOVE Taiwan!

Never been in a place with so many Totoro / Ghibli stuff! I even found a milktea place with No Face packaging design, haha.

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Spirited Away’s visuals / sceneries were heavily inspired by this wonderful place called “Jiufen”.

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View from the Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall.

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So delighted to know that Taiwan also does the stamp-collecting trend! Was able to influence my friends Kat & Lora to go on a stamp rally with me.

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Second Half

I’m so happy that it’s weekeend again! When I got back here on Monday, I forgot that I was going to take the test the next day! I crammed memorizing all those kanji phrases and characters! Actually, the big test wasn’t that hard.. If only I had more time to study and review, I would have gotten better grades. I was not able to study in the Philippines (which was my original intention) because I was busy meeting people, doing errands for my brother, enjoying everyone’s company (because I might not be back in the near future).. and I got sick because of the “flu epidemic” in our household that time. Nonetheless, Tomoko sensei told me that my results were average and I don’t need summer classes! The second part of the test was about grammar, and I did better. After the test, I rewarded myself with an onsen / hotspring session that I have been craving for since I got back.


And back to my vacation flashback..

As usual, Carlo fetched me from our house. I did not incur any transportation cost during my stay!

And I dozed off…

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