A Snow Surprise

I don’t know if anyone has noticed that I have been trying my best to update daily..  😎 Blogging effort x 10000000%! Haha~

Anyway, when I was about to go to school for my exams today… it was snowing! ;___; Please spring, come faster! I want to see cherry blossoms!!

But of course, it’s also rare when it snows here in Saitama or Tokyo. Just had to take advantage of it by forcing my brother to take my photos again. : )

Rainbowholic signature popped heart sunnies : )

Maybe later I should play with clay polymer and add wings on its sides? : )))

This could serve as great rain or snow boots! And it’s blindingly golden enough to attract people : )

I expected my photos for today to look like the one above… just my normal self pretending to be cool (????) & candid in front of the camera..




And then my brother took charge of the direction of this fun shoot.

Pretend that we’re at the beach!” .. oh God.

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