The Usaron Dreamy Bunny Exhibition at Junie Moon Daikanyama (The Blythe Doll Paradise in Tokyo)

Hello Blythe and doll lovers~!

Here’s a sweet treat for your eyes, a kawaii photospam of dolly goodness brought to you by yours truly, Rainbowholic ..!


This is actually not my first time to feature Junie Moon..

You can check out my first visit during last year’s summer  here  & LeLe Junie Moon‘s coverage here.


Seeing golden trees along the way was such a bonus for me. It added to my excitement for my second visit!

If you are planning to visit Junie Moon’s Daikanyama branch, here’s a helpful map + set of instructions.

Bunnies to welcome you ~  :yay:

Watch the video for a shop tour! I’ve never seen so many Blythe dolls in one place *_*

Sadly, the exhibition has already ended but don’t worry, I have so many photos to share to immortalize the exhibition. Haha! 😀


About the Usaron goods (based from this page): 

These cute new characters are created by Saki Yamashita who is an internationally known doll artist. Her dolls have been featured in the Blythe Anniversary Charity Exhibitions and are coveted by Blythe collectors around the world.

The world of Usaron the Dreamy Bunny includes the character-

Usaron the bunny, Nekoron the kitty, and Ahiron the duckling!

They all live in a cute and dreamy world together. 


Junie Moon Daikanyama @ Christmas ..

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Kumiko and Cupcakes

Finally had the time to take photos of my Blythe’s outfit present from Timu & Mori-san. :heart:  The whole set was designed by Lilac Frost, a Japanese doll fashion designer. This must have been really pricey! @_@ Someday I’ll be able to make detailed dresses like this one! My room is so small and it always causes me a day-long backpain whenever I make and sew some stuff using my machine. I need a room just for my crafts huhu  :nod:

For this outfit, I changed Kumiko’s eyes to salmon pink. I think blue eyes suit her the most though  :blush3:

If you wish to view her past photoshoots (lol she’s well-photographed? = ))) ).. click here!

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