Kaila’s Current Room + How I Arrange My Thoughts + Little INKPLAY Shop & Imani’s Kawaii Dreams

Hello everybody! 🙂

This blog post is composed of 3 random parts and I hope it’s okay haha. I have so many things to share and I find it the hardest to try to combine everything together in unison lolol especially when so many things are happening all at the same time! *_*


Been juggling Rainbowholic, KPH Store, Design Festa preparations, OKT, JLM Store altogether ~ Hopefully I can finish all before May ends!

I need another Kaila in my life lolol #KailaProblems



Spot my Marie cookies!! These are my favorites <3

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People are like flowers. And all kinds of flowers are beautiful! : )

Hello friends! Just taking a break from all the #OurKawaiiTokyo duties today. We are going to launch in 2 hours! *_*

This post has been on my mind for already a week and I guess it’s time to write down all my feels again. Hehe! ^_^


I think that people are like flowers.

But we are of different types. Sometimes, when we see others reach their dreams or become successful (when it’s their “full bloom season”), we tend to compare our journey / entire life. And that is when we start to become miserable and unhappy. I am not saying this without basis because with all honestly, I’ve had some serious insecurities too when I was younger.

When I was in my adolescent years, I envied some of the girls in my age because they had many clothes that I wish I also had in my closet. There was a time when I only had 1 outfit (dat orange shirt, jogging pants, rubber shoes lol) every Sunday when I go to mass with my family. That time, I really disliked going to the church where most of my classmates from school would also go to because I felt that my friends would judge me (lol, baby kaila problems). And that was one my inspirations when I was growing up. “10 years from now, I will have fashionable clothes too!” “My time will also come, if I make it happen!” Now, I already have an ootd album uploaded to my fb page, hehe.

I learned the hard way that I should just wait for my turn patiently (while also working on my own goals), rather than be passive & insecure of others who’ve attained so much.

Before, I did not see myself as a beautiful person. I compared my physical features / blessings with others. I was that girl who did not have any admirers at all lol (until I had one as I was about to graduate univ hahaha) and I felt like I was the loneliest girl in the world lololol. I wasn’t invited to any prom, and I was so awkward with guys (went to an all-girls school). I thought I was not pretty (I think I am now, huehue #noshame) because nobody found me “pretty” (in the Philippines, types of women are labeled as chinitamorena, lalala).  This might be embarrassing (or funny) to reveal but I have had a lot of rejections to the point I am now considering to live a single blessed life as a happy woman (already giving up on love at 24? haha). Long time ago, I used to seek for my worth and confidence on how people would see or accept me. I realized it was wrong because in reality, a person’s confidence reflects what he / she feels deep inside. Upon realizing that, I slowly built my confidence by doing a lot of mental reengineering haha.

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