On Being A Leader + This is Our Dream

 Hello everyone~  :cute2:

It’s a Sunday here in Japan and I feel like typing a lot about what has been going on my mind for these past few weeks (or even months..? maybe!).

There is something about Sundays that make me reflective about the recent happenings in life! 🙂

For today’s topic, I will share about my “leadership” struggles as a founder of both communities / platforms called “Japan Lover Me” and “Kawaii Philippines“.


Leadership was something I never thought I would be so committed about.

If you have read my story or my previous entries (categorized under thoughts, haha).. you would know that I wasn’t born with a “very bright mind”. In a class, I would be that struggling girl wishing for a passing mark (or at least half lol) in her math / science tests. My English was really bad (thanks to blogging, I was able to improve it) and I could not assert myself because of low self-esteem / insecurities about my “intelligence”.

But because there were many circumstances and challenges I had to face early in my younger years, I had to take the initiative most of the time (and this is why you shouldn’t underestimate the youngest child in the family lololol).

At first, before I started “leading” others. I had to lead myself first. I had to pull myself up, slap my face with reality and solutions in mind, and gave myself a “pep talk” everyday that I could do it. I had to make my own formula (mental battle for years) how I would “self-motivate” myself or cheat / trick myself to get things done and realized.

Nobody taught me how leadership should be done.  I eavesdropped, listened, observed and read books instead.. I wasn’t the girl / student in class who would be sent out to attend leadership seminars and all of that (thanks to my so-so grades haha). I was the girl who tried to understand everyone’s situation and find that “harmony” to be everyone’s common instead.

Life experiences taught me that if you really want to make your dreams come true, you have to have that grit like ANY leader.

I think that everyone can be a “leader” without actually leading other people. You can be leader of yourself (top priority).. and even if you don’t intend to, naturally.. by living as a good example to other people, you can also be considered as their “leader” or someone who they look up to. 🙂


That is really not the topic for this blog entry, haha! The intro part was supposed to be 2-5 sentences only but look at those block of text hahaha..




(okaaaaay, here we go!)

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