How To Make Your Own Kawaii Dream Board

Last week, Kaye and I revamped Kawaii DIY, a blog that showcases easy craft tutorials & kawaii activity suggestions.

While brainstorming, I had an idea. Quite unusual & maybe you might not see this from other DIY / how-to websites.


Thought I should come up with a special tutorial that involves…

visualizing & dreaming.


Everyone has dreams.

But not everyone is doing something about making these dreams happen.

Did you know that the more you talk about your dreams to your family & friends (regardless of whatever kind of reaction you’d get).. the more chances that your dreams will come true?

When you announce to the world that you want to become like this, to achieve this, to do this..

…. the universe listens. And most of the time, it is obedient.

Your mind becomes open.. and you let yourself open & you begin to attract the possibilities.

Well, I feel that this will ONLY work, if you let yourself think “It’ll be hard, but I will try. I will give my best shot.

(So if you are thinking of negative thoughts, “I cannot do it” lalala~.. sorry to be frank, but your thoughts could manifest these negative feelings & outcomes in real-life setting)

Just like Paulo Coelho wrote in his book (a favorite of mine, The Alchemist)-

“When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.”

When you close your eyes, imagine the sweet outcome, motivate & push yourself even if times are tough..

… you won’t realize it but you’re already walking to your destination.

I don’t know if there is a scientific reason behind it (sharing, visualizing, etc.) but if you will.. just think of

Kaila, the girl from the Philippines, a nobody to somebody.. who got discovered because she let herself be discovered.

I am a glaring proof / evidence that crazy dreams do come true.

(I feel awkward about bragging about my achievements but if citing my success story will inspire someone out there.. then I’ll be awkward.)

I shocked a lot of people, especially my initial “eyebrow-raisers” when I was young & a wishful dreamer.

I wouldn’t say that my life is perfect now (nor that I strive it be.. i strive it be meaningful).

Sometimes, whenever I think of the troubling & frustrating times when I was just starting, or I was still in Manila praying & finding out ways on how to go to Japan…

there are still times I would find it difficult to believe that I am indeed living the dream..  that I just used to have.. now.

I don’t have magic, I don’t have secret powers.. I’m just a human being like you.. we have the same set of hands and feet, we are both blessed with a brain to make use of.  :tongue:

And after mastering the art of self-motivation & learning from failures,

I will teach you how to make use & maximize what you have.. to reach your dream.


Let’s Start!

For me, the first step is visualizing (close your eyes & listen to your heart).

Ask yourself, “What is the crazy dream that my heart truly desires?

The next step is really important & this is what we will do.

It is creating a physical reminder for everyday that you have this dream that you sincerely want to accomplish.

For this step.. 

let me teach you how to make a dream board…

… the kawaii way, and Kaila-style. Haha!


You can make a more general “dream board” about your life (own a mansion, a car, travel around the world..) but for me, for this exercise,

it is best recommended to be specific about what you want. So you can be focused to “hit the target”.

If your dream is to go & study / live in Japan, print photos of the places you want to go. Food you want to eat. Activities you want to try.

Dreaming is free, don’t be frugal. Dream excessively.

Instead of:

“I want to build a cafe in the future.”

This one is better:

“I want to build a kawaii cafe in Manila, where people can have a great time over rainbow cakes, green tea drinks, coffee.

I want to build a headquarters for Kawaii Philippines in my cafe, where my team and I can work & have fun together while accomplishing creative projects.”

Once you are ready with your thoughts / you’re motivated and pumped up… ready your materials & weapons of kawaii crafting, haha~

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