#RainbowholicStudio: Not A Dream Anymore.

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates during the second half of the year. phew

I had to give my maximum effort to make this goal a reality before 2018 ends.

Rainbowholic Studio is no longer a dream but a real space where I can freely create content, hold workshops / meet-ups, and fulfill orders for rainbowholic-shop.com.

I used to do everything in this small Japanese apartment… ;_; I was so inspired to work extra hard so that I can finally spend a happier self-care time here in my apato (apartment) without seeing “work” everywhere (packing supplies / boxes), lol.

It wasn’t easy and it was such an “uncomfortable” journey for me to pursue as I juggle many jobs ( teacher / entrepreneur / stationery store / custom kawaii tokyo tour guide ) but I’m so glad everything has fallen into place. ;_;

I had to set aside a good amount of money every month to be able to afford the “heavy” first month of payments. My savings made it just in time, lol!

More feelings here.

If you haven’t watched my #ThankYouPatrons / patreon journey video, please do! ^^

(Note lol: Couch / other displays not mine. This was when we were checking apartment options (it took a month!!)

From this… (stamping postcards at a kombini with my bestfriend ) ….

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It’s About Time

Hi all!

Long time no blog, haha! I’ll tell you why I’ve been inactive recently after this mandatory blog post header photo lol.

(my selfie is totally unrelated but I don’t have any recent pic lol)

For the past few weeks, I’ve been preparing. I’ve mentioned before about my dream about going full-time as a content creator (with being an entrepreneur as a sideline hehe). Let me quote myself back then, hahaha

During sometime last year, I woke up one day and I finally realized what I really wanna do for the rest of my life. I’m the type of person who is so active and tries out everything.. so this ~enlightenment~ is really different for me. Definitely a eureka moment for me.

Ever since I discovered how fun it is to tweak html codes & create webpages more than a decade ago… indeed, I have always created web content almost all of my life. This skill that I honed with the help of google, some books, workshops, youtube videos and such, really helped me greatly to jumpstart many projects online. Do not get me wrong though, I do love my work at JLM Store as the overall manager + founder / creative director for Japan Lover Me.. but besides being part of this amazing & ambitious company which I juggle with my entrepreneurial ventures, I think that a huge part of my calling in life is really to come up with fresh creative content in the form of blog entries, videos, and such. When I think about it, I really do have the best time whenever I do and combine all the puzzle pieces (ideas) inside my brain. Though it is tough for me to go all-out and full force for Rainbowholic (meaning, I need to support myself 1000% by not having to rely on a day job).. I am really motivated to make this happen. Thanks to all of my readers’ encouragement throughout these years because without that, I don’t think I would be able to sustain this platform for long. Of course, I won’t leave JLM Store / Japan Lover Me completely. I will still be evidently there as it is my big baby with my team.. but I aim to really concentrate a huge chunk of my time to build the empire I have in my mind. Phew ~ gambatte, self!

I feel like I’m always evolving and I can’t stay too long in one phase. This is probably because I always want to improve and level up myself no matter what. When you’re getting older, I guess that the only way to stay ~youthful~ is to be hungry for knowledge. And I wanna be youthful even if I age every year, lololol ~

It will take many baby & big steps to really reach what I envision this personal blog to become and I hope that you will still be there when it happens! :”)

– Kaila (February 2017)

Finally, I have the courage and the “supportive” go signal to pursue this passion that I really want to do next for my career. I asked myself many times these past months… “If not now, then when?“.

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How To Survive The First Stage of Adulting

Hi everyone!

Finally, here’s the blog entry I’ve promised before! I really miss writing reflective blog posts such as this. Hopefully, this will be useful to anyone out there who is currently struggling or confused about his / her path. ^^

Before I give some advice, let me share a bit of my personal struggles a year or so ago. I feel comfortable in sharing some of these because I’ve already overcome some. : )

YAY story time ~

I think that everyone will arrive at some point wherein he / she feels lost about his or her career path. More than a year or so ago, at our company (which is being run by my older brother Eric), I was given an insanely BIG task. I had to setup a successful and profitable online store for JapanLover.me (which is Japan Lover Me Store now). I had to find the formula from taking pictures, listing the items, promoting the products, taking care of our clients, generating sales, and so much more (of course, with my brother’s assistance). We were only THREE in the company that time (my bro, my cousin, and me) who were juggling all these jobs (physically) in Japan. I am very thankful of my teammates from Manila (Chichi and Kaye) because they really have been so HELPFUL right from the start regarding other responsibilities such as graphic design help and social media boosting. We couldn’t hire more people because we had to sell our first batch of souvenir jackets first before investing in more hands. From 50, it became 100 sukajan, then 500.. and now, it’s around 2500+ souvenir jackets. Eventually, we have become more financially capable to hire part-timers (hi Shinanoさん and Justin) and more people (hi Anne) in the company. To cut the story short, there were many times that I wanted to give up (add my self-diagnosed PMDD for more stress.. omg T_T.. )… and at the same time, I was being torn between doing this “day job” of mine (which was like my 24/7 job before haha) and pursuing my content creator dream / path which in the end, I am still fighting for even up to now.

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Life Lately & Thoughts + Revamped Rainbowholic Homepage ?

Hi all!

Been feeling a little more productive than usual. I don’t know what’s with me these days but I’m in a super ~content creation~ mode, lolol.

Before that and before I write down some current random thoughts.. let me just share some photos! :”) It ain’t a rainbowholic blog entry without a photospam first, haha ~

Got to design my wall filled with pretty sakura things!

A favorite corner in my room.

Washi tapes I’ve been using these days ~

My favorite washi covered spread from my ABC Daily Journal

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