Tokyo Disneyland Date with Emika as Mike and Sulley!

Konbanwa, everyone~!  :yay:

Here’s the promised Disneyland blog entry with Emika-chan  :yay:

Since I’m a bit sleepy now, I hope you guys will enjoy my short notes in between~ hehe! <3


Hmmm..  :hihihi:

The last time I went to Disneyland with a friend.. it was with Leen (and we will meet tomorrow~ yay!!) last November 2012!

And we cut classes on that day. Heehee~

Watch our video here…?

We actually planned this Disneyland date waaaay waayyyy back but we were so busy ;_;

If you’re an old reader of mine, you’ll definitely notice how much Emika and I “grew up” :))) I can’t even look at our 14 yr. old photos, Emika-chan :))))

Since every Disneyland day is a special day, I brought everything with me.

Camera for the video, extra batt for the iPhone, fisheye lens, polaroid and rainbow films.. and even the pens guys. :-))

I am the most prepared girl scout ever lol

Got to revisit Pooh’s corner again. For your (not really needed) info, my favorite Disney character is not a princess nor a prince or whatever..

It’s the half-naked Pooh lolololol…

ANYWAYYYY enough of triva and intro text / photos :)))


Let me now show you the magical world of Tokyo Disneyland once again~!

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KITTYROBOT Exhibition at Omotesando Hills with Emika

A few days ago, I received a mail/text from my big boss from TokyoFashion (hehehe) about the ongoing KITTYROBOT exhibition in Omotesando Hills (Harajuku). Of course, I just had to go and make time for it! Everyone was almost talking about it (been seing it on my facebook feed for days) and it will be a sin by a huge Sanrio fan like me if I didn’t get to see this amazing collaboration with different artists and designers for a cause. AND IT’S HELLO KITTYasfIFJFlsdajfkdfa

Also, I’ve been exchanging emails with this doll named Emika (half-Filipina and half-Japanese)! I rarely have Filipina friends here in Japan so I was so happy to exchange conversations in Tagalog with her hahaha~ And she’s cool to hang out with. I won’t be surprised if she gets streetsnapped a lot here in Harajuku since she has a model-like physique. 😉


She’s 17 and I’m 21!! omg


My heart  :heart:

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