Oh Happy Day With Kawaii PH Teammates + Thoughts About Influence

Hello everybody!

Good morning from Manila! 😉

Yesterday, I met up with my friends for the last time before I fly back to Japan this coming week. We spent the day talking about the most random topics ranging from horror stories, KPOP groups lololol, and some Kawaii PH-related work. Felt so energized after being with them! I feel like I can conquer the workload I will be facing in Japan soon, haha.

Before going to our meeting place, I asked my cousin to take some #ootd photos for me because it’s been a long time since I did so.


But this little girl (a.k.a. my super cute & energetic niece Riona) was being so hyper the entire time.


Here’s a candid shot of surprised Kaila receiving (stolen omg) handpicked flowers from our neighbor’s garden :))

I was in the middle of awkwardly posing outside the house when she ran towards my direction.


Yay, emoji-inspired outfit!

Top from a tiangge (worth 200 PHP waaah) + Pink bow shorts from my SG trip with friends 5/6 yrs. ago + New Balance kicks



She wanted to take my photos with my camera but of course, I’m a very strict aunt hahaha. So… no. :))


Rio is only with us during the weekend. And she sure makes her presence felt in every corner of the house because she’s sooo ACTIVE hahaha

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