JUIZYWOOZY: Kawaii Pop Culture!

Hello everyone~! I would like to introduce a newfound favorite Kawaii brand all the way from Indonesia called “Juizy Woozy“!  :pink:

If you’ve been following my page on facebook or instagram, you’d know how much I went crazy when the stuff arrived here… haha! 😛

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Check out all these cute stuff on their facebook~! Just browse through their albums, you’ll find lots of kawaii gems! 😀


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Meaningful Art Jewelry by Hila Binyamin

Last week, I received love all the way from Israel.  :heart:

This piece of  おしゃれ art really took my breath away. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

I usually receive super cutesy items from collaborators and readers (huhu you guys are so sweet TT_TT)..

… but this particular piece is definitely one of the unique love mail packages!  :3:

It made my day!  :hihi:

☆ Hila Binyamin on Facebook, Etsy and Blogspot ☆


❤ About This Wonderful Collection ❤

Meaningful jewelry with a secret message in form of numerology, Japanese, symbols and much more.

The different pieces carry hidden messages which are special to the one wearing them.

One can simply choose a custom-made piece with a special date (e.g., birthday, wedding date, or other meaningful dates), wear a piece with a hidden Numerology message, or wear a piece with a hidden Japanese love symbol message.

All the pieces in the “Meaningful Jewelry” collection are made of gold-plated brass or silver-plated brass with Swarovski stones and gemstones. ✧



For some reason, wearing this gold heart necklace made me want to bring out & wear my favorite red dress, shoes and lipstick!

I feel like a real woman now, haha! A simple yet very meaningful necklace can make the person feel more confident / loved !  ♥

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The JapanLover.me x ENJI Accessory Collaboration

Hello Rainbowholic readers~ hello hello hello~!  :yay:

It’s past 4:00 am already and I’m still wide awake. ChiChi and I have been sleeping like owls recently… (maybe our body clock is the same with Mishie‘s ??? She’s based in NY btw)!! So much passion for  JapanLover work, wooops~! : )))

Speaking of JapanLover.me

I’d like to dedicate this blog entry just to showcase the upcoming collaboration between quirky-kawaii accessory brand ENJI (read Anggy’s feature here) and Japan Lover Me that we have been preparing for months! I cannot thank Anggyちゃん of ENJI for working with us! I never expected that our ~online relationship~ from last year (hahaha omg Anggyyy huhuhuhu I feel like we’ve been through so much haha *clingy*) would bear creative projects + friendship across the miles + amazing work partnership!!   :star: It started with sponsored accessories for my Hanazuki / Amsterdam trip .. and then now, we are partners! HUHUHUHU *cyber hugs Anggy*  😥

Ever since I got to know about Enji + super creative & hardworking Anggy‘s Japanese dream, I knew that someday we would create something people would appreciate & love . Anggy’s one of the few people I told about JapanLover.me (read our story here) way back in January.. we exchanged tons of emails / facebook messages and brainstormed together for each piece despite the distance (she’s from Indonesia by the way). Even though JapanLover.me was just 30% done, she greatly believed in my / our team’s vision about JapanLove. This is why you could say that I’m a bit emotional (omg whaaat haha) right now as I type & arrange this blog entry to present to all of you what we had been passionately working on for all Kawaii, Cool & Otaku JapanLovers!  :yay: Yes, I’m emotional with that kind of emoticon… hehehe..  :nod:


Cherry Blossoms  :star:

☆ ENJI  Online Shop | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr ☆


Cranes and すき。

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Tiara by Tracy Dizon Now Available in MAM Avantgarde Harajuku, Tokyo

Hello Rainbowholic Friends!  :star:

Just a quick post to show my support for Tracyねえちゃん and her cute couture brand, Tiara by Tracy Dizon!

Her designs are now available at the “Harajuku Girls’ go-to point for legwear!” right in the heart of HARAJUKU… MAM avantgarde!  :3star:

Check out TokyoFashion.com‘s store feature about Avantagarde Harajuku here! AMAZEBALLS GUYS.

HUHUHU Such a dream come true for Tracyねえ〜!


Super happy to be part of this project! I was the photographer & videographer in 1 whole day of fun shoot with Emikaちゃん & Yukaちゃん!


Please check out Tiara by Tracy Dizon works in the store itself if you come visit Tokyo! 🙂

UNI-URCHIN See Sick,Sea Sick!  :woww:

Modeled by Yuka Matsumoto


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