Kawaii & Yummy Sweets from the Philippines (As Featured on Kawaii International)

Just a quick update with lots of sinful & saliva-inducing photographs~


Last July, when I was about to go back here in Manila from Japan, I was asked again (together with fellow Kawaii leaders) to introduce the “kawaii sweets” we have in our own country.

I got a message from Salla-san (and the director) about the instructions and one of those was about our own version of “crepes” here in PH.

For this sweet mission, I asked two of my friends (ChiChi and Anne) to have crepes with me!

Luckily, another submission of mine was featured as well. It’s “halo-halo”, one of the yummiest summer desserts we have here in Philippines! It was so funny when I discovered that ministop Japan was also selling “haro-haro” during last year’s summer! :))

Polvoron + minion cupcakes = super super cuteeeeee!



Sweets + friends =  :blush:  :yay:

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There is no place like home.

Hello, hello, hello!! :”)

Yup, I’m still in Manila and enjoying every moment with my family and friends. Even though the primary reason of my sudden visit was for my annoying gallbladdie (gallbladder haha), I thought I should extend my spontaneous vacation longer so that I could spend more time with the people I love here. :”) I’ll come back again for other reasons but I should take advantage of everyone’s vacation period (it’s summer here!).. hehehe. OH btw, we confirmed that I currently have zero gallstones!! In Japan, we visited two doctors and they told me “they couldn’t see the stones” (but they didn’t want to confirm that those were gone).. and for the last doctor we visited here, he told me I was able to flush away~ (lololol) the stones! What a miracle seriously ;_; I just continued to opt for healthy eating / food moderation + Aloe juice & fish oil capsules (the reason why I left the hospital earlier last October) ^^ Super super ureshii (happy)! It’s kinda symbolic for me because I’m feeling genuinely happy these days + my health is getting better and better! :”) Life is great! :yay:

As some of you know, last December, I spent Christmas here as well but it was a really tough time for me. Even on my birthday, I was pretty down..? and I swore to myself that the next time I go back home, I will really have a blast. And so far, everyday is just.. :yay: even if I still have a lot of stuff to work on TT_TT… Anyway, more stories later! :))

– end of real-time life update, haha –

Kaila in Manila

Though I have some Philippine-related posts here on my blog, I don’t think I have properly introduced my home yet. For some reason, I don’t know why a few of my readers didn’t know that I came from Philippines. :))) You guys.. WHY :))))

I have so much love for Japan (hai JapanLover.me) but there is something about Philippines that makes me want to come back every now and then (ask any Filipino who works abroad & I’m 100% he/she will agree!!). Even it’s a third-world country & the kind of lifestyle I live in Japan is waaaay different here.. I would still consider Manila (Philippines) as my #1 home. This place taught me how to be independent, adventurous, street-smart, etc. There is something about the warm smiles of the people here, the feeling of being welcomed.. the hospitality, the yummy & inexpensive food, everything. I have my own share of horrific commuting stories but.. crime is everywhere anyway, regardless of what country it is. I believe. 😀

I lived in Manila for almost all my life & this place really taught me how to be “smart” when it comes to traveling to places alone hehe~

I ride jeepneys just like anyone else. 🙂

(lololol I can’t act candid :)) )

Hello Manila heat… you just melted my useless makeup. :))

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Daily Life + I Love Food + Malling with Baby Chisa

Hello Rainbowholic readers~  :heart:

Gomen ne, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. ;_; For some reason, I don’t feel the same excitement when blogging unlike before.. hopefully this will just be a phase.  😥 *sigh*

To make-up for my slow blogging pace, here’s a kawaii spam you’ll all love.  :heart:

Rilakukuma, Kiiroitori and Chopper. Which is your fave?

Uwaaaaa~ :O :O :O

Chupa Chups drink in Ministop.. along with drinks I cannot have huhuhu.

Gallbladder y u like that 🙁 Milk triggers gallbladder attacks so I have to restrain myself so hard 🙁

Snacks at Ministop. I really love the Ministop branch near our place~ not so many people go there! It feels like a cafe for me, hehe.


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Big Red Bows + My Niece Chisa Andrea with Rilakkuma! + Daily Kawaii

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all genki there~! Please pray for the safety of the people who got affected by Sandy hurricane.. :sob: The photos in the web are so scary ;_;

Anyway~ I’m just taking some time off from work. Don’t be fooled by my facebook page updates, I’m actually very busy these days (& I apologize for the late email replies, etc.).. Ever since after my two trips + hospital stay, have to earn everything back again or else, I won’t be going back home to Philippines to spend Christmas + my birthday! 帰りたい〜!!

It’s still far away but I need to save a lot from now on… *gambarimasu mode*!!

After work, we went out for a bit.. decided to dress up because I rarely “go out” anymore ;_;

I just got my iPhone changed for iPhone 5!! Omg, the camera is amazing! My past iPhone was an iPhone 4 and it was soooo slow because of my undeleted 8,000 photos : ))

Got to spend a day at work with my niece, Chisa <3

Strawberry Baby

My sis-in-law brought Chisa’s halloween costume so I brought out all the mini Rilakkuma stuffed toys I had..

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